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Back on Track Therapeutic Baby Saddle Pad Back on Track Therapeutic Western Saddle Liner Back on Track Therapeutic Dressage Saddle Pad
Our Therapeutic Baby Pad is a great option to incorporate our state-of-the-art Welltex technology while riding in your favorite half pad. Like our saddle pads, our Therapeutic Baby Pad helps increase blood flow while riding, keeping your horse's back muscles loose and relaxed. The Therapeutic Baby Pad is lighter and more breathable, making it easier to school in or a perfect solution to use during warm summer rides.
Measurements are: 22" spine x 20" drop.
Our Therapeutic Western Saddle Liner is perfect for the western rider who wants to keep their horse's back muscles loose and relaxed. Leveraging Welltex technology, our Therapeutic Western Saddle Liner reflects your horse's own body energy promoting increased blood flow by creating a soothing far infrared thermal effect. This saddle liner should be used under your regular saddle pad on horses with cold or sore backs.
Measurements: 31" spine x 16" drop.
With all of the benefits of our Therapeutic All Purpose Saddle Pad, Back on Track's Dressage Saddle Pad utilizes our Welltex technology to reflect your horse's own body energy promoting increased blood flow and helping to keep your horse's back muscles loose and relaxed. Our Saddle Pads are breathable and wick away sweat.
22" spine x 21" drop.
Back on Track Teddy Saddle Pad Back on Track Contender II Saddle Pad
Teddy Saddle Pad
Our Price: $89.99
Contender II Saddle Pad
Our Price: $189.00
Back on Track’s new All-Purpose Teddy Saddle Pad is topped with white fleece and is perfect for use in the show ring! Our first fleece contoured saddle pad has all of the benefits of our other saddle pads, including our Welltex material which is known to increase blood circulation and relieve sore muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. The top is designed with white fleece and our smooth Welltex material is incorporated underneath. Take advantage of all the benefits of a Back on Track product, now with stylish white fleece!
Measurements are: 21" spine x 20" drop.
The Back on Track Contender II Saddle Pad is a favorite among some of the top riders worldwide. By combining the technologies of Back on Track and ThinLine, we've developed the most technically advanced saddle pad available today. Back on Track's Welltex technology leverages your horse's own body energy to keep its muscles loose and relaxed while riding and ThinLine's UltraThinLine material provides maximum shock absorption and comfort for both you and your horse by diffusing concussion and impact. The ThinLine design also improves saddle fit without excess bulk, keeping you and your horse close while riding. Our Contender II Saddle Pad comes in Dressage, all-purpose, or Western styles. This saddle pad is shimmable if needed.
Black or White. Western Pad only available in black.
  • Dressage: 22" spine; 21" drop
  • All Purpose: 23" spine; 19" drop
  • Western: 31" spine x 16" drop