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Tech Stirrups - Complete Collection Available In Store

Tech Stirrups Italy offers superior safety, comfort and of course fabulous looks, the Tech Stirrup range have something for all equestrians. Manufactured in Italy, you know you're receiving a high quality product when you purchase Tech Stirrups. The unique design, glamorous looks and incredible features are almost essential for riders in all equestrian disciplines.

The most widely known stirrups are the range of safety stirrups, the Venice. Available in a number of models, including childrens quick release. the Venice all carry one key feature, a safety arm which opens to release the riders foot in the unfortunate event of the rider falling and potentially being dragged. The safety mechanism allows the outer arm to open which releases the foot to help prevent the foot becoming stuck in the stirrup. Made from small magnets, once released the arm springs back into place, opening only when a certain amount of pressure is applied. This gives the stirrups a "regular" stirrup look, with the added benefit of a revolutionary safety system.

Tech Stirrups

Lightweight and available in a massive range of colours, Tech stirrups not only look brilliant they'll also help keep your foot and lower leg in a much steadier position whilst encouraging your heels down. The patented grip, helps to avoid the accumulation of mus and water to help offer superb adherence.

Tech Venice Stirrups

Unlike other brands of stirrups, Tech Stirrups can easily be used with any stirrup leathers and can be run up on your saddle (no horrible crossing over or stirrups flying around when saddling and unsaddling).

Many top riders around the world chose to ride in Tech Stirrups including Olympic Silver Medalist Peder Fredricson, Belgium's leading show jumper Gregory Wathelet, US top eventer Doug Payne, UK dressage rider Gareth Hughes nd many more of the worlds best!

The spurs come as a set with 3 removable heads so you can easily adjust your spurs to suit the horse you're riding or if you require a different spur head when competing or training.

Tech Spurs

"Tech Stirrups products are a combination or technology and innovation, tailored to the needs of riders performing in different equestrian sports".