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Super Comfort Iron Pads Matrix Toe Cage- Adult Matrix Toe Cage- Childs
Super Comfort Iron Pads
Our Price: $31.95
Matrix Toe Cage- Adult
Our Price: $27.95
Matrix Toe Cage- Childs
Our Price: $26.95
The only wrap-around pads on the market!� Pads stay firmly in place� Helps keep heels down� Improves body and leg position� Creates an anti-fatigue effect on knees and ankles� Virtually indestructible patented rubber pads Attaches easily  to any stirrup iron with the screw on stirrup pad that is part of this item. Attaches easily  to any stirrup iron with the screw on stirrup pad that is part of this item.
Composit®  Spikes Stirrup Tread Centaur® SS Grated Stirrup Pads Equi-Essentials Stirrup Foot Warmers
Adjustable to fit most adult irons. Enjoy the benefits of large treads for stability, spiked surface for added grip in all weather conditions. Shock absorber cushioning softens impact and relieves tension in the knees and ankles. Washable, hi-tech polymer keeps its shape at temperatures down to -30 Celsius. Centaur® SS Grated Stirrup Pads for Fillis Irons Durable, water resistant nylon keeps feet dry and warm in wet or cold weather. Contains a pocer for self-heating hand warmers packets for added warmth in cold conditions. Easily attached to most stirrup irons. Not recommended for peacock irons.
Sand Paper Stirrup Pads Fillis Stirrup Pads Rubber Peacock Bands & Leather Loop Straps
Sand Paper Stirrup Pads
Our Price: $6.45
Fillis Stirrup Pads
Our Price: $4.25
A favorite for many riders who want extra grip from their stirrup pads. Fits all Fillis style irons and provide a secure and comfortable footing. Order by the size of your irons. Ready to use
Peacock Rubber Rings w/Tabs Rubber Peacock Bands Leather Loops for Peacock Rings
Rubber Peacock Bands
Our Price: $1.69
Tab for attachment molded in. These require leather loops for proper use. Genuine leather loops for use with Peacock style stirrup irons and rubber peacock bands.