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Equi Wing™ Flex Stirrup Irons Equi Wing™ Aluminum Stirrup Compositi® Carbon Look Reflex 3D Swivel Action Wide Track Stirrups
Lightweight flexible side HyperNylon composite stirrup irons that flex with your foot.Comes with rubber pads installed and grated pads included.Weight: 200 Grams Wide track design in lightweight aluminum 16 oz [ 450 grams ] Includes both metal grater and rubber pads, Any rider that wants to relieve tension on knees and ankles needs to try these irons. Made of one of the strongest hi-tech polymers produced by DuPont�. The integrated 3D swivel action treads are positioned on a shock absorbent layer to relive tension on knees and ankles. The wide tread provides a more secure and comfort foundation. Features a cool carbon fiber print look.  Weight: 225 grams per iron.
Equi Wing™ HyperNylon Stirrup Centaur® Stainless Steel Australian Stirrup Centaur® Icelandic Stirrups
Wide track design in ultra lightweight 7 oz [ 200grams ] Hyper-nylon. Includes both metal grater and rubber pads, Special curved outer arm aids in preventing foot entrapment. These Icelandic stirrups are a traditional Icelandic design, allowing freedom of movement and the ultimate for safety with bent arms feature. Twisted leathers slot will allow the irons to hang straight. Includes white pads
Centaur® Stainless Steel Fillis Stirrup Iron Compositi® Jockey Training Exercise Stirrup Irons Composit® Premium Stirrup Irons
Lost Wax cast with white Fillis pads. Lightweight stirrup irons feature a wide non-slip footbase for added rider security and comfort while race training. Lightweight stirrup irons feature a wider footbase for greater support.  Black irons come with your choice of stirrup pad color.  Replacement pads are available seperately (468299).