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Bemer Horse-Set Sold DIRECT from Tack Warehouse

BEMER Horse-Set

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BEMER: Better Circulation. Better Health. Better Horse

What is the BEMER HORSE-SET?
The HORSE BEMER is an FDA registered medical device and the most revolutionary and innovative technology to support your horse's health, injury recovery, well-being and performance. Bemer has been operating for 21+ years and is sold in 42 countries. It's effectiveness and ease of use are some of Bemer's top priorities for the busy horse professional. BEMER is scientifically proven with no negative side effects, non-invasive and thus safe to use. As a result, the horse's body can work more efficiently to heal itself, and feel more energetic. BEMER is an FEI approved supportive therapy.

Bemer uses PEMF technology to deliver the patented BEMER SIGNAL (waveform) into the body. It works from the inside out and regulates the horse's body on the cellular level where the horse's metabolic processes take place – cells in every part of their body (organs, bones, tissue and skin) are supplied with nutrients through increased bloodflow and oxygen that enables them to fulfill their tasks- and metabolic waste products are removed for disposal. Put simply, healthy microcirculation is essential to your horse’s all-around well-being. In the webinar below we explain the difference between different waveforms and why Bemer is so much more effective.

It's lightweight and easy to use horse therapy blanket with 2 leg cuffs that has the BEMER signal woven in. The battery and control unit are integrated wirelessly and has up to 15+ applications per battery charge. It is intuitive and simple to operate with 3 preset programs of 5, 10 or 15 minutes, yes that's it! No more hours long of therapy blankets. You can give many horses top notch therapy in a short amount of time. The blanket is sizeable to each horse with 3 adjustable straps and is resilient and easy to clean.

What does BEMER do for my horse?
  • Improves microcirculation & vasomation
  • Increases oxygen, and nutrient absorption
  • Faster removal of waste disposal in the cells and body
  • Promotes regeneration
  • Increased physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy
  • Helps improve suppleness
  • Prevents and increases defense against infection
  • Speeds up recovery process after injury or surgery
  • Stress reduction and regulation of the nervous system
  • Increased performance, faster recovery and regeneration after exercise or competition, reduction of tissue damage and faster recovery after injury

The horse blanket is ideal for large-scale applications. It ensures that the BEMER signal field reaches all neuralgic points on the animal's body. The horse blanket is ergonomically designed, equipped with breathable inserts and can be easily adjusted to fit horses of any size thanks to the simple adjustment mechanism. The integrated combined battery and signal controller is powerful and positioned so that it can easily be reached by humans – but not by horses. Additional, effective components of the Horse Set are the two cuffs (one each for left and right), which feature an integrated combined battery and signal controller and can be used on the front or back legs. They generate a stronger, concentrated signal field for localized treatment. The BEMER Horse-Set is rounded off with a practical carrying case, a sweat blanket and a charger with Y-cable for simultaneous charging of two controllers – a set of international adapters is included.

  • Ideal for large-scale applications
  • Signal field reaches all neuralgic points on the animal's body
  • Horse blanket is ergonomically designed
  • Horse blanket equipped with easily adjusted breathable inserts for accurate fit of all horses
  • Integrated combined battery and signal controller easily accessible by humans, yet not horses
  • 2 cuffs (left and right) have integrated combined battery and signal controller for use on front or rear legs that generate stronger, concentrated signal field for localized treatment
  • Carrying case
  • Sweat blanket
  • Charger with Y-cable for simultaneous charging of two controllers
  • International charging adapters included
*Due to weight and battery this product does not qualify for free shipping, it is a $150 shipping charge in the US.
Tack Warehouse is an Independent Bemer Distributor and as such the product is sold direct from Tack Warehouse
Our Price: $4,990.00


Tack Warehouse is an Independent approved BEMER distributor. what this means is we keep Bemer horse blankets in stock and are here to help you and can help demo, fit and use your new blanket. We offer free in barn demonstrations at shows and events we attend. All sales of Bemer horse blankets made through our website are made DIRECT through Tack Warehouse and not the Bemer USA website as we are independent representatives. After completing your purchasing if made direct through Tack Warehouse we will transfer our product and warrantee info the purchasers name.
BEMER Horse-Set
Whether you ride for competition or for pleasure, you want your horse in peak condition. Between training, performance, and the stresses of everyday life, your horse’s body can struggle to maintain healthy microcirculation. As you know, horses are incredibly athletic, and their muscles require huge amounts of blood to perform at their best. So, reduced blood flow can have a significant impact on your horse’s health and wellbeing, affecting its immune function, stress levels, and physical performance.
As an Independent BEMER Distributor, Tack Warehouse is trained and here to share how improving your horse’s microcirculation can lead to a long list of health-transforming benefits.
As a horseowner, you do so much for your horse already. From feeding it, give it water, take it out for daily exercise, clean its hooves, clean its teeth, and so much more. BEMER lets you do more for your horse and works to improve its health from the inside out. BEMER technology is based on twenty years of research and collaboration with top scientists and professional riders, BEMER created a specially adapted PEMF signal specifically for horses. BEMER therapy sessions give your horse a significant boost in blood flow and white blood cell transport, optimizing its body in a number of ways:

What does BEMER do for my horse?
  • Improves microcirculation & vasomation
  • Promoting relaxation and regeneration after exercise
  • Supporting parasympathetic processes in the body
  • Increases oxygen, and nutrient absorption
  • Increasing physical performance and optimizing suppleness
  • Speeding up the recovery process after an injury
  • Improving post-recovery and regeneration after surgery
With daily BEMER use, your horse can recover faster, perform better, and lead a healthier and more active life.
The Horse-Set comes with an easily adjustable Blanket that fits most horses and ponies and a pair of Cuffs to focus the BEMER signal on your horse’s legs or any areas of intense strain or injury. Each applicator is wireless for ease of use, breathable, washable, and lightweight so as not to disturb your horse during sessions.
Professional riders and veterinarians alike trust the BEMER Horse-Set to get the most out of their horses. And now you can too!
If you’d like to learn more about how to take your horse’s health and performance to the next level, visit my Independent BEMER Distributor website here: [INSERT OUR BEMER WEBSITE LINK ]
If you'd like to purchase from our store place your order by entering your order information below.

*The BEMER Horse-Set does not replace treatment and care of an injury or disease by a veterinarian. A veterinarian should be consulted prior to use of the BEMER Horse-Set for any medical condition.

*Additional $150 shipping charge
Tack Warehouse is an Independent Distributor
Increase Circulation, Better Health, Better Horse
How to Use the BEMER Horse-Set
  • Technical Specifications
    • Horse blanket, surface material: 100% polyester
    • Horse blanket, inner material: 100% nylon
    • Horse blanket, inner lining: cotton
    • Horse blanket, average flux density: ≈35 μT (max. level)
    • Cuffs, surface material: 60% polyester, 40% nylon
    • Cuffs, inner material: 100% polyester
    • Cuffs, average flux density: ≈100 μT (max. level)
    • VET controller dimensions (L x W x H): 190 mm x 100 mm x 37 mm
    • VET controller surface material: TPR75A, PC/GF
    • VET controller, protection class: IP54
    • Li-ion battery: 7.2 V, 2350 mAh
    • 3 application programs
    • Total weight approx. 7.2 kg
    • Item number: 412300
    • Horse blanket
    • Cuffs
    • Charger including country-specific adapter (EU, US, UK, AU)
    • Y-adapter
    • Sweat blanket
    • Bag
    • User manual

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