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Saddle Pads for Swayback Horses

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A swayback is an unusually curved back—one that dips down in the middle and then sharply rises before dropping off again. Swayback horses can experience discomfort when saddled, and when the saddle doesn't fit properly, the rider will feel it too.

Saddle pads for swayback horses will distribute weight over a larger area of the horse's back, allowing it to move more freely.

Understanding the Swayback

There is a common condition in horses called swayback. It is characterized by a hollow or concave back. The horse's muscles located at the base of its withers become weakened and stretched, causing the hollow. This may also be caused by an injury or disease of the spinal column, but this is uncommon.

The best way to treat a swayback horse is to place a pad in between the saddle and back. These pads are designed specifically to fit under the hollow areas of the horse's back, providing support and correcting the posture. You'd want to find out what type of saddle your horse has before buying one, as there are different shapes and sizes in order to fit all types of saddles

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