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Nylon Lead Ropes

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Flat Plain Double Stitch Lead- 1x60 Inch Professional's Choice Clinician Halter 15' Nylon Lea Professional's Choice Cowboy Braided Halter Lead
Single-Ply Horse Lead, 1" with 30" Brass Plated Chain Classic Equine Premium 14-foot Lead Rope Professional's Choice Cowboy Braided Halter 10' Lead
Classic Equine Premium 9-foot Lead Rope 15' and 25' Clinician Training Lead Tricolored Professional's Choice Easy On Rope Halter W/ Lead
Professional's Choice Halter Rope Beaded Black/Feathers Nylon Rope Halter w/ Lead Rope With Lead Slicktape 9-foot Leadrope
Slicktape 9-foot Leadrope
Our Price: $25.99
Lead chain - Stainless steel
Nylon Lead Rope
Tack Warehouse - we have nylon lead ropes in a variety of widths and colors to match your horses halter. A nylon lead rope is used to walk a horse or to tie up a horse for grooming. Lead ropes come in nylon and cotton or bamboo and is the piece of horse tack that attaches to a horse halter; the part used to lead an animal such as a horse. Some lead ropes are integrated into the halter and not detachable; which could present problems if a horse pulls back and cant get freed will hard tied up. Especially if nylon, this can cause serious injury to a horse. So most of the time the lead rope is a separate item. Lead ropes are attached to the halter with a heavy bull snap clip or brass or stainless snap so that the lead and halter can be added or removed as needed. A related item is the, lead shank which or leather lead chain refers to a lead with or without a chain attached to a leather line with a chain attached. The lead chain is used in conjunction with a lead to control possibly difficult or dangerous horses if they will not respond to a regular lead and should be used with discretion and under the advice of a horse trainer.