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Draw Reins, German Martingales & Side Reins

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Horse Draw Reins, German Martingales & Side Reins
Tack Warehouse Draw Reins Horse: Draw reins are used for training horses. A regular rein is the strap of leather that attaches to the horses bit and is held in hand by the rider. In comparison the draw rein is a type of rein or reins that slide through the bit ring, adding leverage to the rider's hands and arms. This allows the horse rider to leverage the horse's head into a desired position anf frame of cariage. They are either a set of reins or a single rein and they pass from the riders reins in hand and attach to a horse's saddle or girth and then pass through the horses bit rings. Draw reins are often used by horse trainers to help teach the horses flexion and bending drawing the horses head down and inward.