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English Horse Tack Riding Dressage Jumpers

When it comes to buying english horse tack, there are a few things you should know. The first question is: why buy english horse tack? Is it for the thrill of the chase? Or is it more about the feeling of satisfaction that comes with knowing you've found a real gem? If your answer was 'yes' to either one of those things, then buying english horse tack might be right for you.

But let's get serious now. Don't forget that english horse tack tends to have a higher price point than other types of horse tack. This makes it all the more important to make sure you're buying quality items before you part with your money—especially if that money is limited and there are other things you could be spending it on instead. In fact, this leads us into our next topic: what questions should I ask myself before I buy something?
To help in this area, here are some useful tips and tricks for selecting english horse tack:
  1. look for quality materials like leather, which can last longer
  2. consider how often you'll be riding; if not very often, then something simpler might work better


When you're done, you'll be ready to choose the right bridle for your horse!
A bridle is a type of headgear that fits around a horse's head. It consists of three main parts:
  • A headstall that holds a bit in the horse's mouth and allows the rider to control the animal's direction and speed
  • A browband, which keeps the bridle from sliding backward or slipping over the horse's ears or eyes
  • A throatlatch, which secures the bridle to keep it from falling off


There are many types of reins available to the rider. Flat leather, braided leather, rubber and rawhide are the most common varieties used in English riding. The type of rein you use depends on factors such as the type of bit your horse uses and your personal preference.

Reins attach to your bridle at the bit. Some bits have slots for reins that attach via buckles, but most bits have rings for attaching reins. Reins can be attached by threading them through rings or through holes in buckles. Some people prefer laced reins that weave through the ring rather than just hang from it and others prefer rubber or rawhide reins because they’re easier to grip when wet.

When buying a new pair of reins, consider what will be easiest for you to work with and feel comfortable using, especially if you have limited hand mobility or other disabilities that make holding a traditional set of flat leather reins difficult or uncomfortable.


A bit is a piece of metal, wood, or plastic that fits into a horse’s mouth and is held in place by a bridle. The reins are attached to the bit to allow the rider to guide the horse.

Martingales & Breastplates

There are two main types of martingales: running and standing. Running martingales have a short strap that connects the rings on the reins with a ring at the horse's throatlatch. This type of martingale is used to help prevent a horse from throwing its head up or down. These are only recommended for horses who have been trained to wear them, because they can interfere with proper rein control if the rider tries to pull back with one rein, which teaches an unnecessary head-tossing response. Standing martingales have longer straps attached to a ring around the horse's neck by way of another set of rings that slide along the girth straps. While running martingales generally don't interfere with normal movement and are often used in certain types of competition, standing martingales can limit range of motion and so should be used only as needed for training purposes or during riding lessons, but not for general riding.

Breastplates also attach in two main ways: using buckles at either side called breastplate dees, or via a buckle at either end and some sort of strap that runs through the D rings on each side of the saddle. A properly fitted breastplate should be snug enough that it doesn't slip or slide while your horse is being ridden or doing other work. If you're worried about safety while jumping, choose a style that has padding along any buckles or straps across your horse's chest; this will prevent injury if he happens to fall over a jump and land on his front legs before his hind ones.


Surcingles, sometimes called training surcingles, are used to keep pads in place on a horse's back. They are often made of nylon webbing and are usually lined with fleece.

Surcingles have many uses including keeping saddle pads in place under the saddle, holding the draw reins or side reins on a horse while lunging (ground driving), and holding the breeching of harness horses in place.

Cruppers are straps that go around the tail to stop saddle pads from sliding forward under the cantle of an English saddle. They are also used when harnessing horses to keep their breeching from slipping up under their bellies.

Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup leathers are the straps that attach the stirrups to the saddle, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Most stirrup leathers are made of leather or nylon webbing, though some feature synthetic materials like neoprene. They are available in a wide assortment of colors ranging from basic blacks and browns to bright purple, hunter green, and more.

When choosing a pair of stirrup leathers for your horse, consider your needs. If you're planning on jumping or competing in cross-country events with your horse, you'll want to purchase one pair for showing purposes and another that is lower quality for everyday training rides. If you only need a single set of stirrup leathers for everyday riding on flat ground, look for something durable rather than flashy.


English girths tend to be shorter than western girths. This is because English saddles are designed to sit closer to the horse’s body than a western saddle does, so there’s less space for a longer strap. The length and type of girth you need depends on the type of saddle you ride in, but most English saddles use a criss-crossed style of leather straps called a billets or billet straps. If your saddle has these, they need to be used with an English girth that has rings or slots on each end. You also want to make sure that your girth isn't too long once it's adjusted—having too much excess length will allow it to hang down and get caught in the stirrups while you ride.


Stirrups are a type of horse tack used by riders to help them keep their balance when mounted on a horse. Stirrup length is important, as it affects the way a rider sits and uses his or her feet in the stirrups.

The main component of English stirrup leathers, the part that goes around your boot, is made from fine calfskin leather and has stainless steel buckles. The workmanship on these leathers is fantastic: they’re stitched together with a durable double lock-stitch machine which makes them extremely strong and able to withstand heavy riding conditions. The stitching itself looks beautiful too; there are no hairy threads dangling off like you might see on cheaper products.

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