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Kimberwick Bits

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English Kimberwick Horse Bit
A Kimberwick bit is a type of bit used in horse riding. It is usually made of steel, and is used for two-rein riding, or for driving horses.

Kimberwick bits have shanks and are therefore considered curb bits. A curb chain can be attached to the rings on the bottom of the bit to apply pressure to the chin groove of the horse.

Kimberwick bits can be very severe, but they are much milder than a Weymouth curb (double bridle) because they are single-jointed and have a port that applies pressure only to the tongue. They provide a great deal of control and can be used with just one hand on the reins. If they do not fit correctly, however, they can cause palate damage to the horse's mouth as well as pinching of the tongue or even choking if too much pressure is applied by a rider who does not know what he or she is doing.

Kimberwick bits can come in many different styles with varying amounts of severity. Some Kimberwick bits have round ports, some have eggbutt ports, and some have D-shaped ports that offer less tongue relief than either of the other two options.

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English Kimberwick bits are known for their versatility and simple, ergonomic design. They're a favorite for riders who don't want to spend a ton of time training or want to save money by not having to buy multiple types of bits.

These bits are made from stainless steel so they can last and last. A great feature of some kimberwick bits is that they come with a curb chain—this is great if you're just starting out with bit training since the curb chain offers more control than other bits do.