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Cavesson & Nosebands

English Bridle Cavesson's & Nosebands- Buy at Tack Warehouse for BEST Prices and Selection!
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Bridle Noseband and Horse Cavessons for Englosh Bridle Parts

English Cavessons and Bridle Nosebands

Cavessons and nosebands are bridle accessories that help to keep your horse's mouth stable and it's head in the position you want it. The bridle cavessons attach to the bottom of a bridle and go around the horse's nose or jaw, making it easier for you to control your steed.

English Nosebands Pieces For A Bridle

Nosebands for horse bridles are available in several different styles, including drop, flash, and figure-eight. Flash nosebands attach to the bridle noseband and sit on top of the horse's lips and prevent them from opening too wide. Figure-eight style jumper nosebands are two straps that connect under the chin for extra stability in the shape of an 8 —and boy, do they look fancy!

English Bridle Cavessons

Bridle Cavessons used for English bridles sit on top of the horse's nose, just above its mouth. They are held in place by a bridle that wraps around the horse's ears. Cavessons can come padded with sheepskin or leather padding so they don't rub on your horse's face.

Cavesson & Noseband Sizing

The great thing about cavessons and nosebands is you can keep a few sizes handy for riding different-sized horses. You can also switch between a showjumping style figure 8 nose band and say a drop nose band used on the cross country course without the need of buying another complete horse bridle.

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