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 Jeremiah Watt Sagebrush Bits

Western Jeremiah Watt Bits
Jeremiah Watt is not only a true western craftsman but also a horseman. These are bits he designed for off the shelf purchase. Tack Warehouse also carries his handcrafted horse bits that are beautiful, practical and durable. Jeremiah Watt started his saddle and tack making career in 1976 Amarillo, Texas school. He also started producing engraved spurs, buckles and bits after learning to add silver trim to his Western saddles. Jeremiah Watt bits are created with many traditional, functional and unique mouthpieces and cheeks. Jeremiah Watt bits come in loose ring, eggbutt, and western shank styled curb bits.

Tack Warehouse carries Jeremiah Watt off the shelf bit line called "Sagebrush" as well as his original hand created bits and spurs.