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Western Spurs

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Spurs for Western Boots:

Spurs used by western riders in most disciplines of western horse riding and are the way for horse riders to communicate to their horses. The western spur becomes an extension of the riders legs. Western spurs therefore assist riders in sending signals to their horse by using their legs. In western sometimes the horses are trained to have a western spur stop. This is counterintuitive and what happens is when the rider puts slight pressure on the side of the horse with their spur the horse breaks down into a stop. This is a subtle cue used by western pleasure riders to keep judges from seeing them move their hands. Western spurs used for riding are made of metal and designed to be worn by the western rider insets of pairs.

The western spurs sit on the edge of the heels of western riding boots and is used to refine the riders aids.

Western spurs with straps are a staple in each riders tack room. Many western riders keep their western spurs on their boots at all times, never taking them off because once the spur is securely attached to the western boot with spur tie downs, it takes some doing to remove it.

Western spur sizes are determined by the spur band and are sold in sizes ranging from child’s spurs, to youth western spurs to women’s western spurs and finally men’s western spurs. That said it is often the case a man may need a “ladies” spur to properly fit their boot or a women with a larger foot may need to move up into a men’s western spur or if the lady has a smaller foot it is not un common that she buys a youth sized western spur. This is why we at Tack Warehouse recommend the rider bring in the boots they plan to use to find the exact fit of western spur and strap.
Western equestrians generally use their western spurs to help assist with a horses speed.

As a horse becomes spur trained, the western spur gives precise cues from the rider to their horse for more complex western movements. Western spur shanks becomes extensions of the western rider's leg; a subtle. Western spurs direct the riders horse and help guide the horse for which direction to move off the riders leg and a backup support of the western rider's aids.

How does a rider select the correct spur?

Western Rider Spur Use: Western spurs are a tool meant to be used by skilled horseman to protect the horse . When using spurs it is imperative the rider to not overdo the needed aid or they will end up teaching the horse problems. Tack Warehouse recommends customers consult with a western trainer to find the best type of western spur for their riding level.

When choosing a western spur it is important to take into consideration the training of the horse and also the horse's behavior. In other words don’t put a beginner into a pair of rock grinders on a green fresh horse. Riders that are just getting started should use the snap on type without spur straps that can fall off.

Western Spur Band: find a fairly snug western spur band to fit around the riders boot heel. Most western spur bands can be bent for minor fit adjustment. Buying the correct size will help the spur perform best if the rider chooses the correct spur band width to begin. The rule of thumb is that women's spurs fit a boot sizes 5.5-9 and men with boot sizes under size 7.5 will generally fit best with ladies western spurs. Choosing a western riding spur that is too loose and not properly secured can dangerous.

Western Spur Shanks: the western spur shank is the “arm” that attaches the spur rowel to the band of the western spur. The goal is to have a solid point of contact between the western riders leg and the side of the western horse. However, riders that have shorter legs or western horses with fat round barrels, tend to not need as long of a shank.

Rowels for Western Spurs: Western Rowels and can range from a short round end or ball to a large wheel with teeth with varying degrees of sharpness . A western rowel with less teeth and more spacing between the teeth are more severe compared to western rowels. The rider should feel the end of the rowel for sharpness. Western spurs with more teeth that are close together are much more gentle and subtle.

Western Event Spurs: Western riding events and competitions vary in the kind of spur the western rider is permitted to use. It is up to the rider to know the horse event or Association rules as they relate to spurs.

Tack Warehouse offers the western show spurs and horse training spurs . We carry quality western brands like Partrade, M&F, Classic Equine, Equibrand, Metalab, Professional's Choice® , Weaver Leather Horse Products, Myler western spurs, Reinsman spurs… . Western riders using the all around western spurs, to riders looking for everyday western spurs. From short shank ball spurs used by beginning western riders and ropers, to advanced long shank western pleasure spurs orcutting horse rock grinder … or the subtle side shaped rowel used by gymkhana riders and barrel racers; we have every type and selection of western spur from roping, trail, cowboy dressage, reining horse spurs…

The selection of western spurs from Tack Warehouse come in a wide variety of widths, shanks, colors from antique brown, sterling silver spurs, bronze, stainless steel , black steel to combinations . Many western spurs are hand engraved sterling silver filigree with copper highlights. Some are less expensive silver plate, or just plain stainless steel spurs. Black satin, antiqued rhinestone and silver or black filigree. Some western spur styles have a silver engraved overlay. Western spurs feature silver florals, dot studs and other fashionable western designs. We offer custom sterling silver spur options.