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English Horse Saddle Pad - Dressage, Hunter, Jumper, Eventer, Pony

English Horse Saddle Pads: Dressage Pads, Eventing Saddle Pads, Hunter / Jumper Saddle Pads

Tack Warehouse Shop Saddle Pads made to fit English saddles that are an essential part of every English riders tack room. English saddle pads from English saddle pads for horse showing or schooling your horse or pony. There are so many types of English saddle pads from the basic baby pads that are liners, to therapeutic gel pads to padded wither or rear or English pads for swayback horses. English close contact saddle pads are usually a padded sqaure pad that is rounded in the front to follow the front of the English saddle or fleece and both shaped to the curves of the saddle. Dressage saddle pads come shaped in a square front shape with slight curve and are longer then jumping pads due to the shape of the saddles. English saddle pads normally come in horse size and pony size. We use English saddle pads are used to cushion between a saddle and the horse's back; thus protecting the horses back.
English horse saddle pads protect against the friction caused from a saddle that may rub against a horse or a heavier rider. English saddle pads made from natural material like sheepskin or bamboo or cotton help to protect the saddle and horses back by helping to absorbing the horse's sweat. Saddle pads have layers and the bottom layer may be different from the top. The outer layer of many English saddle pads is generally a sturdy washable fabric. The bottom layer is often cotton or cotton mix or sheepskin. At Tack Warehouse shop a pads for all of your horse schooling or horse showing needs. With pads for English horses ranging from the most basic baby pads to larger therapeutic gel pads in horse and pony sizes.

Types Of English Saddle Pads : Tack Warehouse has many different styles of English saddle pads for sale in stock. From English saddle pads with moisture wicking material, like natural wool sheepskin Fleeceworks brand saddle pads to bamboo blends all of which serve to draw perspiration away from a horse. Make sure you choose the proper type to fit your saddle as horse saddle pads are shaped to fit the curves of a saddle. Shop Tack Warehouse brands from Fleeceworks, Ovation, Shires, Centaur, PS of Sweden, Equestrian Stockholm, Super Quilt, Ogilvy...

Half Saddle Pads
: English Half Pads are used to help absorb shock from the rider while riding or jumping. These pads are fitted half pads and have channels that run along the horses spine. They come in gel like EquiFit brand, silicone like Acavallo brand, suede like Ogilvy brand and combination of materials. Some English half pads have soft natural sheepskins lining. These English saddle half pads generally come in pony, horse and oversize specific for the English jumping saddle or Dressage saddle. Some fleece saddle pads have an option of being wider so that they fit wide panel saddle s like CWD or Devacoux; brands like Ogilvy and Fleeceworks.

All Purpose Pads : Shop All purpose English saddle pads that are used for jumping and eventers that come in a variety of shapes, variety of colors and patterns. English all purpose shaped pads are often used as all purpose pads for jumping lessons or schooling your horse and washed after each use. Some come with girth loops that function to keep the pad from shifting.

Dressage English Saddle Pads: Shop English dressage saddle pads that are square shape with long curving edges to fit under the saddle end to end. We stock thick and thin from cotton to polycotton outer pads with moisture wicking lining and a breathable mesh spines. Many have detail that matches back to fly veils and polo wraps and include cotton quilted fabric with single braiding or crystal piping. Gel English Saddle Pads Tack Warehouse stocks and imports the best gel impact English saddle pads. These are an added layer to add shock absorption for the horses back or to help keep the English saddle from shifting and English gel pads can also be used to help saddles that are not shaped properly to fit better. English Saddle Pads Fitting & Sizing Information English saddle pad sizes range come in Horse, Oversize and Pony. The shape varies from baby and half pads to dressage and eventing pads. The size depends on the shape of the saddle. Caring For Your English horse saddle pads care be cleaned using a mild detergent free soap in the washer, others like sheepskin need to be handled delicately to not change the shape of the hide and are washed using Woolite or other washing product made for real wool and do not put into a dryer. Consult your Saddle pads label for more detail on proper care.
English Saddle Pads: Dressage Saddle Pads, Half Pads, Show Jumping Pads
Tack Warehouse carries a wide selection of saddle pads from top brand names like Fleeceworks, Equine Comfort Products, Medallion, KL Select, EquiFit, Schockemöhle and more. Choose from English saddle pads in popular styles and sizes including all purpose, dressage pads, half back pads, gel pads ...