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Rear Skid Boots

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The Top 5 Reasons to Use Rear Horse Skid Boots.

Skid Boots for western horses to protect their fetlocks

Why use leather skid boots? Our top 5 reasons:

  1. When the horse is doing sliding stops and hind end turns; Skid Boots protect the horse's hind fetlock with direct contact from the arena base.
  2. Skid boots cup used during performance events can help to decrease traction during a slide stop.
  3. Performance horses are making turns, sliding stops, or sit back on their haunches and skid boots help prevent fetlock and other lower leg injuries.
  4. A horse's fetlock often rubs against the arena base during a sliding stop and these will help prevent sores and blisters that can occur without protective boors.
  5. Horses that are not hurting have more confidence in the arena, these help knowing their legs are protected.

Why are skid boots used?

These help absorb the concussion of a skid and these help to prevent injuries.

Leather Skid boots are protective boots used on lower hind legs. These are used to protect pastern, fetlocks, and cannon bones.

Horse Skid Boots Leather with BucklesSkid Boots for reining horses with elastic velcro closures

Leather skid boots are preferred for certain western disciplines because the horse up, and leather is better protection as compared to neoprene. The hard hind cup is to help protect the fetlock. Skid Boots come with buckles or velcro elastic straps.

Rear Skid Boots For Performance Horses: Reining, Cutting, Roping and cowhorse events

Leg protection with Skid Boots

Rear horse boots protect and support hind fetlocks and pasterns to directly contact the base of the arena . This is critical for reining horses performing spins, turning back, sliding stops. The boots skid cup is shaped and positioned to make contact with the ground in the center of the cup. The material of this is tough and made to withstand the coarsest ground conditions. Boots come with buckles or two easy on-off double velcro closures to secure the boot close to the horse’s fetlock and prevent rubbing.

Which western event horses use skid boots?

It is common to see this type of boot on western performance horses that are competing in cutting pen, reining, working cow horses and heel horses. They are most common in reining.

How does this type of rear skid boots work for various western disciplines?

The skid boot is an additional a layer for legs needing a barrier between the fetlock and the ground, Cutting horses turn sharp get down in the ground, shift back and forth and get deep and low with their stomachs sometimes touching the ground while working cows. The cow horse does it all from reining moves to cattle work and the horse will stop hard, roll back, turns deep and blaze full stride. In this event a western horse is expected to quickly turn cattle back along the rail. Heel horses used for roping run a cow down and stop, site back on their haunches and backs up after to come tight on a steer. The skid boots is a great tool for cow horses, cutting horse, Reiner, roping horses. This type of boot will help to prevent leg injuries : pastern, fetlock, lower leg that frequently happen when making quick turns, sliding stop, or that sit back on their haunches.

What is reining?

Reining is a western performance event. Reiners have a lot of pressure placed upon fetlock joint and need to be protected. The western rider is tested on the horse's ability to perform patterns of figure-eight circles, reining spins, rollbacks, and sliding stops. Reining horses are fit, quick, and athletic.

What kind of tack equipment is needed for reining horses?

Reining horses require some special horse tack and equipment to stay sound down the arena ;such as, special sliding plate horseshoes, weighted harness reins, splint boots, and skid boots. The reining horseshoe sliding plates are special shoes that go on the hind feet for support only and are like a ducks foot - slick, wide, designed for the Reiner to slide on the arena floorduring a sliding stop; preventing friction.

The skid boots go hand in hand with the shoes and are super tough, padded, with hard leather protective fetlock cups. Weighted reins are a piece of horse tack keeping reins weighted down. Reining horses use regular splint boots or support sports medicine boots for their front legs; generally in white.

Are reining horses using skid boots?

Sliding stops are required in the reining event. Western Reining horses go into full out gallop and then the rider comes into a sliding stop where. It is common for the fetlocks to get low and scrape the arena base. The horses hind end comes under and their hooves will slide several feet on the base of the arena footing. Skid boots protect fetlocks from touching the base during this maneuver.

How do you keep your skid boots clean?

How to clean a rear leather skid boot for horses

Proper care will keep your skid boots looking good and extend their wear. Use a mild leather glycerin soap and water to wipe down and it is important to clean and remove the abrasive arena sand after each use. The leather boots parts should oiled with neatsfoot oil every few months to keep leather supple and prevent drying out from sweat and salt. Effax Lederbalsam is a leather dressing with beeswax and natural oils that seals leather pores and offers leather waterproofing. Keep the leather care products separated from the elastic. The boots elastic and neoprene can be cleaned with a toothbrush and brightening soap. Rinse well and air dry being careful not to store boots in direct sunlight.

Which brands make top quality skid boots?

Tack Warehouse carries quality brands hold up; leather, with buckles or velcro closures.

The top pick for skid boots brands: Professional's Choice , Equibrand and Classic Equine. Less expensive brands rub and can blister the horses. Break and not hold up. Cheaper brands cups wear through quickly or come apart.

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