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Saddle Pads for High Withered Horses

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It's important that you know what a high wither saddle pad is and how it works. A high wither saddle pad is a specific type of saddle pad that is customized to fit the contours of your horse's back, specifically your horse's withers.

The withers are the highest part of your horse’s back, located between their shoulder blades and just below their neck. The term "wither" comes from an Old English word meaning “to shrink” or “to lessen.” This refers to how the pads feel when handled, as they are soft and flexible yet maintain their shape well.

The high wither saddle pads have been very effective in preventing all sorts of back problems in horses that have high withers, and it has been designed with a special construction to alleviate the pains. The pads are available in many different sizes and they are also made from different materials. You just need to make sure that you choose the best one for your horse.

Most of the high wither pads are usually constructed with shock absorbent filling and materials which prevents rubbing or irritation to your horse's body. This is important because many horses that have a high wither will have sensitive spots on their spine and do not like when the saddle rubs against them.

The pads are built with many different materials to provide cushion and support. Natural fibers like cotton and wool are often used, but companies also use foam, gels, and even memory foam in some newer pads. Some designs incorporate multiple layers of padding for optimal comfort for your horse, while others simply rely on a thicker material for the same effect. For example, if you have a horse with very sensitive skin, you may wish to look into a memory foam pad that is completely covered in fleece or leather so that it does not rub his coat off over time.

The high wither saddle pads are usually custom made to suit the shape and size of your horse.

If you are riding a horse with high withers, a regular saddle pad often does not fit properly. The high wither saddle pads are usually custom made to suit the shape and size of your horse. For example, if your horse has an exceptionally long spine, you may have to have a special high wither pad made to match the length of your horse’s back.

Competition riders often choose to purchase a custom-made high wither saddle pad because it provides the best fit for their horses. These pads are more expensive than regular pads but are well worth it in terms of comfort for your horse and protection for your saddle. You can also make these pads at home using simple materials such as foam and fabric or by purchasing an old blanket that you no longer use or want.

The high wither saddle pads offer support as well as cushioning as they distribute the weight and pressure evenly on your horse's back.

If you are going to get a high wither saddle pad, make sure it is made of materials that allow proper weight distribution. A high wither saddle pad should evenly distribute the weight and pressure of your horse's back. The correct type and amount of padding, as well as its thickness, will all help in this regard. A quality saddle pad will be able to provide your horse with protection from the cold and wet weather conditions, so a heavy-duty pad for all seasons is very important when selecting a good quality saddle pad.

It is also essential that the padding on your high wither saddle pads be fitted properly to ensure a comfortable ride for you and your horse. This does not mean that it has to fit like a glove or have too many layers; instead, a good fitting should allow for enough air circulation in order to avoid excess sweating which can often cause riders discomfort during their rides. The right thickness of padding may also help with this problem by providing enough support without causing too much friction between the horse's back and its underbelly.

The high wither saddle pad is a must have for all people who own horses with this unique build.

A high wither saddle pad can be bought at any equestrian store. However, if you want a customised pad that suits the needs of your horse, you can choose to make one at home. This will help ensure that it is made according to the unique measurements of your horse's back and that it meets all your expectations.

The benefits offered by this product cannot be understated. A proper fit means no more back problems for your beloved horse, both now and in the future. The high wither saddle pad does not just prevent discomfort; it also helps with issues arising from high withers such as painful rubs on the shoulders or sores caused by hard saddles.

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