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EGO7 was born in Italy to become the number one brand for equestrian sports, able to standout, to be innovation and performance leader. Our mission is to succeed on what we do and that means to strengthen the commitment towards a concept for Equestrians of accessible exclusivity and also design that reinstates absolute unique identity for Ego7. With Tack Warehouse we excel to achieve peak performances and we love the challenge our result we strive for outstanding results every time. We turned innovation of riding boots and riding apparel into art, developed a luxuriously efficient design, an accessible concept of exclusivity. We are like all riders and we love the sport and the horses and never stop designing the best products for the Equestrian market. Ego 7 will exceed consumer expectations every time and that is precisely what our company vision is. IN motion the confidence to anticipate and be the very best. Everyone and every rider and horse deserves freedom, to express themselves in their own way. We set and then break rules by a plan, to create, to become, to come together and ultimately a single one, bonding with the horse. We ask you to close your eyes and listen to the deep, the beat of our hearts. We are two halves creating memories and working independently complete, finally reaching our magic reaching our EGO.

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Ego 7 Boots & Riding Breeches & Show Shirts; Made In Italy
EGO7 riding boots has a mission to be an innovative and performance leader in the equestrian riding market. The Ego 7 Team developed an innovative luxurious and efficient design of horse riding boots suitable for all equestrian disciplines; because we all know that all the best boots and leather goods come from Italy. Tack Warehouse is proud to carry Ego 7 because they manufacturers their riding boots using only the best quality leather and material; full grain cow leather, dyed black to show the natural texture of the leather and conditioned that beautifies the boots with use. It is the Italian leather only good enough for EGO7 products. There are two styles of Ego 7 tall boot the Aries and Orion riding boots these are 100% Italian designed and each boot hand crafted with strict quality standard and technology procedures. EGO7 also makes breeches, riding shirts and Show Coats for men and women.