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Driving Bits

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English Driving bits are made up of a short cheek and a curved mouthpiece, and we have them available in stainless steel or sweet iron. If you've ever needed convincing that driving bits are the best choice for a bit, just imagine how light you'll feel knowing that you don't need to lug the heavy carriage onto your property.

Our driving bits are made of stainless steel and are designed to give you the perfect blend of control, comfort, and care for your steed. For example, our short-cheeked driving bit allows your horse to feel the pressure that you're applying on the reins in a way that will help him or her to respond, but it does so over a relatively short area that will provide extra strength and control. Additionally, this bit is ideal for horses with longer tongues, as it provides more room for them to move their tongues freely around the mouthpiece.

We also have a curved mouthpiece designed specifically for horse driving bits—in fact, it's one of our most popular options. It's especially well suited for horses that tend to pull on the reins during a ride, as it discourages pulling by transferring pressure onto their tongues.