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Therapy & Ice Boots

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Veredus Magnetik Rug Horse Magnetic Therapy Horse  Blanket Veredus; Magnetik 4-Hour Stable Boots- Rear Veredus; Magnetik 4-Hour Stable Boots- Front
Arc Equine Therapy System Kit EquiFit Tendon Pak Ice or Hot with Tendon Elastic Wrap Classic Equine MagNTX Sheet
Veredus; Magnetik Hock Boots EquiFit Ice Gel GelCompression HockBoots™ EquiFit Ice GelCompression TendonBoots™
MAJYK EQUIPE® Cool/Compression Gel Ice Boots Silver Professional's Choice Full Leg Ice Boot Black Large EquiFit GelCompression BackPack™
EquiFit Compression Ice GelCompression KneeBoots™ Professional's Choice Full Leg Ice Boot Black Standard BEMER Horse-Set Therapy Sessions or to purchase from Tack Warehouse

Bemer Horse Blanket

Our Price: $160.00
EquiFit Compression Gel Ice GelCompression HockBoots Replacement GelPaks EquiFit Ice GelCompression TendonBoots Replacement GelPaks Professional's Choice Nine Pocket Ice Boots Universal Black
Professional's Choice Six Pocket Ice Boots Universal Black EquiFit GelCompression KneeBoots Replacement GelPaks Professional's Choice ICE Boot 4x6 Black Large
EquiFit Horse T-Sport Wrap SilverSox Barn Roll Horse Size EquiFit SilverSox Barn Roll Pony Size
EquiFit Horse T-Sport Wrap
Our Price: $102.00
Professional's Choice ICE Boot 3x5 Black Standard Classic Equine Ice Boots Professional's Choice Universal Black Equine Knee Boots
Classic Equine Ice Boots
Our Price: $89.99
Classic Equine Ceramic Wraps EquiFit  GelSox for Horses CoolAid Equine Icing and Cooling Hock Wraps
EquiFit GelSox for Horses
Our Price: $64.00
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Ice Boots, Therapy & Magnetic For Horses
Tack Warehouse Ice boots for horses are easy and effective way to cool down your horses legs, reducing inflammation, and treat or prevent injuries to their legs especially after a difficult workout. Icing and cooling therapy on horse's legs can increase circulation. Magnetic horse boots can increase circulation and possibly aid in healing soft tissue injuries or blood flow.

Shop Tack Warehouse's brands of leading horse ice boots, ceramic, therapy and magnetic :
Professionals Choice, Veredus, Back On Track, Majyk Equipe, EquiFIt