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Dressage Saddle Pads

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Sovereign Dressage Pad Sovereign Dressage Pad
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Dressage English Saddle Pad

English dressage saddle pads are designed to be used with an English dressage saddle. Make sure the pad you choose has a contoured shape and a long spine to ensure proper fit with your dressage saddle. Look for one that is designed specifically for monoflap saddles, deep seats or wide seats as needed, depending on the type of saddle you have. Choosing a pad made with high-quality materials will help it last longer and retain its shape better.

Dressage saddle pads are square shaped with long curving edges

Dressage saddle pads are quite a bit bigger than your average jumping saddle pad. They have a square shape to fit perfectly around the large surface area of the dressage saddle, with long curving edges which allow for maximum freedom of movement in the horse's shoulder and back muscles.

Dressage Saddle Pads come with detail like bling and piping

Dressage saddle pads complement the details of your horse’s fly veil and polo wraps to create a cohesive look. Like many show riders, you might prefer the convenience of matching sets that feature coordinating color and trim details. Newer dressage saddle pads also have features such as bling, piping, breathable mesh spines, or wicking material that are intended to help keep your horse dry and comfortable.

Buy Dressage Saddle Pads at Tack Warehouse

We have a range of different colours and styles available, from bright to dark and from simple to elegant, so you’re sure to find a dressage pad that perfectly complements your horse. We stock both thick and thin dressage pads made from bamboo, natural sheepskin, cotton to polycotton outer pads with moisture wicking lining and a breathable mesh spines. Each pad has been designed with horse comfort in mind. Our range of different thicknesses means we will have the right dressage saddle pad for your needs.

Looking for something more stylish? Our range of different materials means you can find the perfect look for you and your horse. Alongside our range of features - including contoured withers designed to fit over saddles with high withers - there are also options available on our site which are suitable for a wide range of budgets! On top of all this, we even have options which can be personalised with embroidery or monogramming!