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Half Chaps

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Half chaps are considered part of your safety equipment, along with a riding helmet and gloves. A half chap is a leather or synthetic material that covers the lower leg from ankle to knee. The back has a zipper with Velcro at the top for closure. The bottom of the half chap is open and is worn over a boot or shoe. Half chaps are often worn with breeches during equestrian activities.

Fit of Half Chaps

The fit of half chaps will vary between brands and styles just as boots do, so it's important to try on several pairs when purchasing new ones. The general rule for half chaps is to have them well fitted but not too tight; they should feel secure without feeling like you're in a straightjacket!

If you want the look of full length chaps but don't need the protection they provide, half chaps are definitely a great choice. They are also a good option for riders who are newer to wearing chaps and may not feel comfortable with full length ones. They can be more comfortable and easier to wear than a full length chap and take up less space in your bag.

Half chaps are a great option

Half chaps are a great option because they cost less than full chaps, they're easier to get on and off, they're lighter and cooler than full chaps and you can use your own boots. Half chaps go on like pants with a zipper or elastic gusset in the back or front. There is no need to remove your shoes when using half chaps, which makes them convenient if you have to change out of muddy or wet footwear.

Half chaps cover the lower leg from just above the ankle bone to just below the knee. They are made of leather or synthetic material that stretches slightly so that it fits snugly around your calf. Half chap manufacturers carefully design their patterns to fit various shaped legs - take advantage of their expertise by having yours custom fitted for maximum comfort and security.

Half chaps do not replace full chaps.

Half chaps are ideal for the summer months when you want a more breathable, lighter weight chap. There are also times when you are doing some work outside of riding that full chaps would be cumbersome, such as mucking out stalls or going on a trail ride through bush and briars.

Make sure to take into consideration the type of riding you do when deciding to purchase half chaps. Although they are easier to put on and take off than full chaps, they provide less protection than their full counterpart. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation from friction, you may find yourself needing to use them more often than not once the weather turns cool and wet. In this case, a pair of full leather chaps might be better suited for your needs since they provide greater protection from inclement weather conditions.