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Gag Bits

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English Gag Bits For Horses 2 Ring 3 Ring Pony

Tack Warehouse Shop English Gag Bits -You will see many jumpers and event horses Showen in gag bits. This horse bit is a type of bit referred to as a gag for a horse as the bit ring or cheek piece and reins attach to different rings on a bit and along with possibly a curb strap; there is leverage action on the top of the horses head and mouth. Severity of the English gag bit is based on leverage action depends on where the reins attach, how long the gag bit shank is and the type of mouth piece and some gag bits have a nose piece as well. The English gag bit is a step up from a Pelham bit and a double bridle but the gag bit has no curb strap. English gag bits provide leverage by sliding up into the mouth when pulled. The gag bit is best used with two reins which allows the rider to differentiate between the gag or the snaffle. Shop Tack Warehouses selection of English Gag Bits for horses: Brands like Bomber Blue Bits, Happy Mouth Gag Bits, 2 Ring Pessoa Gag Bits, Centaur, Herm Sprenger, Nathe, Stubbe gag bits, or Neue Schule at everyday great prices. We stock gag bits in pony size gag 4.75" up to large Draft horse gag bits 6" .