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Loose Ring Snaffle Bits

English Loose Ring Snaffle Bits - BEST Selection & Pricing at Tack Warehouse in Woodland California.
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Loose Ring Snaffle Horse Bit

Loose Ring snaffle bits

Tack Warehouse Shop English horse loose ring snaffle bits. The horse bit is a type of English bit referred to as a snaffle bit with loose rings. English loose ring snaffle bits are a type of English bit used for riding, training, starting horses or showing. The loose ring snaffle bit is one of the most common horse bits and softest horse bits available depending on the mouthpiece. English loose ring snaffle bits promote relaxation from the horse through the rotation of the circular rings the disadvantage of this style of horse bit is that the rider needs to be careful to keep the horses lips from becoming pinched in the ring action. The ring slide helps prevent the horse from locking onto the bit and pulling and sliding of the rings allows the horse to chew the bit and keeps him from tightening against it. Loose Ring snaffle bits use direct pressure on the horse's tongue and lips. They are available with several mouthpiece options. The single jointed loose ring snaffle is a common bit that has a nutcracker effect on the bar and tongue of the horse. Other mouthpieces include French link, leather, straight bar Mullen mouth, Waterford or double jointed.

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