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Laced Reins

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Laced reins are used to teach horses how to move in a specific pattern. They can be used for everything from teaching horses how to perform in dressage shows to teaching them how to dance in parades.

These reins are more difficult than basic snaffle bits, because they have several pieces that must be used together. Laced reins work by putting pressure on the horse's nose and mouth when the rider pulls back on the reins. This loosens when the rider stops pulling back on the reins, which allows the horse time to recover before receiving another command.

It is critical that you use laced reins correctly, or they may not have the desired effect. First, you must make sure that your horse understands how to respond to basic snaffle-bit commands, like turning left and right as well as stopping and moving forward. Next, you need to make sure that you know how to properly pull back on each of the rein segments so that your horse will understand what you are asking it to do.

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