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Breastplate Martingales

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Ovation Classic Collection- Shaped 5-Point Breastplate with Stretch Cord Running Attachment Nunn Finer 5-Way Breastplate with Blue Elastic Nunn Finer 5-Way Breastplate
Nunn Finer 5-Way Hunting Breastplate with Elastic Nunn Finer Bellissimo Hunting Breastplate with Elastic Nunn Finer 3-Way Hunting Breastplate with Elastic
Nunn Finer Hunting Breastplate with Elastic Nunn Finer Hunting Breastplate Ovation Raised Breastplate Standing Martingale
Rodrigo Pessoa Raised Running Martingale Pessoa Pro FCY RUN Martingale Nunn Finer Jumper Breastplate
Pessoa Rodrigo FlatRunning Martingale Ovation; Flat Running Martingale Ovation Dressage Cones- Set of 8
Ovation Plain Running Martingale Camelot Flat Running Martingale
A breastplate martingale is a piece of tack, or riding equipment, that fits around the horse's neck, the rider's body and attaches to the girth. It's used to keep the horse from throwing its head up during a ride.

The martingale is made up of two parts: one part is the neck strap, which goes over the horse's poll, and the other part is a chest strap that runs from the neck strap down to the girth. It also has a clip for attaching reins, so that when the horse throws its head up, it pulls on the reins and puts pressure on itself.

Many breastplate martingales come with elastic components that run between the chest strap and girth attachment, which further help to prevent the head tossing.

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