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Pelham Bits

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Happy Mouth Shaped Mullen Mouth Pelham Bit Mullen Shaped Pelham
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English Horse Pelham Bits Pony

Pelham Bits For English Horses

Tack Warehouse Your Shop English For Horse Pelham Bits. This horse bit is a type of bit referred to as a pelham bit used when riding a horse. The pelham bit has elements of both a curb bit and a snaffle bit. In this respect a pelham bit functions similar to a double Dressage bridle, and like a double bridle riders normally use a double set of horse reins: a set of plain leather narrow curb reins along with a braided leather snaffle bit reins for hunters and equitation horses or rubber reins for a jumper or event horse. Because the horse pelham has a bit shank that is either "short" or "long" this horse bit will put curb style pressure on the horses mouth and some on the horses poll. This it is considered a curb bit. Like all curb bits, a pelham bit has a mouthpiece which can vary in severity, bit shanks with both purchase and lever arms, and a ring on the side line a snaffle and one on lower bit shank for bottom rein attachment and also curb chain. But lik a snaffle bit, a pelham bit also has a bit ring on either side of the mouthpiece so riders just using this rein the bit will work like a traditional snaffle until the lower rein is engaged. Like some curb bits, a pelham bit usually has "loose" shanks - hinged at the mouthpiece in the same way that the rings of a snaffle bit are hinged. Pelham bits can be used with a single rein attachment for children or novice riders and there are pelham bit converters that allow the bit to be used with one rein. For English horse showing, two reins should be used.

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