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Pharmaka Horse & Leather Care From Germany

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Pharmaka Leather Care & Horse Care from Germany

"Pharmakeia, such arts are called, for they deal in pharmaka, those herbs with the power to work changes upon the world, both those sprung from the blood of gods, as well as those which grow common upon the earth. It is a gift to be able to draw out their powers", Wikipedia.

Pharmaka brand is a line of horse and leather care items that come in bright orange bottle we carry imported from Germany. The line is quality and the Bienwachs oil is a favorite because of the smell and how this oil penetrates the leather. It soaks in and then the wax seals the leather pores to insulate the leather against wear and tear dirt and grime. They also produce quality fly sprays, sticky spray to keep riders in the saddle while not hurting the saddle leather, saddle soaps and more. Pharmaka is a complicated name to remember, sustomers come in asking for the leather stuff that smells good in the orange bottle and we know exactly what they are asking for.