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Mountain Horse Sovereign Equestrian Riding Field Boot Sovereign Field Boot Slim
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Mountain Horse Venice Field Equestrian Riding and Show Boot Jr. MH Venice Field Boot Jr.
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English Tall Riding Boots Dressage Hunter

Equestrian Riding Boots & Riding Chaps

Tack Warehouse stocks large selection of quality brand English paddock boots, tall field boots, tall dressage boots and Equestrian riding half chaps complete riding boot selections for women, men and youth. English boots used for riding boots are essential for all riding discipline. One of the main things we sell are horse riding boots for women. The primary purpose of the riding boot is to aid Equestrians in saddle performance and the main feature of Equestrian riding boots is having a boot heel to prevent the riders foot from going through the stirrup irons and most have an integrated steel shank to support the riders foot while riding in their stirrups. Beyond that riding boots give equestrians a finished appearance.

Riding Boots Sizes

Riding boots come in a variety of sizes form the smallest leadliner paddock boots. Whether you are looking for women’s riding boots, children’s riding boots or Men’s riding boots; these boots come in two main types designed for equestrian riding; the paddock boot and the tall boots. Lets talk about the paddock boots. A paddock boot is a short boot made for women, men and children and the rise of the boots to just above the ankle; to protect the riders ankle from rubbing.

Men’s horse riding boots tend to run size 7 and up and are often wider then women’s paddock boots. It is not uncommon for men to ride in women’s boots and vice versa as they are essentially the same thing. The paddock boot close either with front laces or a front zipper for quick on and off. Some paddock boots even come with a combination of from laces and a zipper in back to offer the advantages of both styles of English paddock boot.

English riding boots are offered in different types and styles. Tall boots and English paddock boots, sometimes are generally made of full-grain leather, calfskin leather or manmade synthetic vegan leather. Genuine traditional leather paddock boots are breathable and soft like a glove when broken in. Synthetic leather paddock boots on the other hand are easy care but can make the riders feet hot during summer months.

Some paddock and tall Equestrian riding boots pare insulated designed for winter riding conditions. Winter horse riding boots come in paddock style, barn style and even insulated tall winter riding boots made for riding and hacking in cold conditions. Horse riding boots for kids are generally unisex and come in paddock zip and lace. The lace paddock boot made for horse riding allows the boot to be tightened on the childs foot.

Some brands have inserts that allow the boot to grow with the horse riding child. Children riding boots under the age of 12 generally wear paddock boots (not tall boots) with jodhpurs “jod” breeches. This is type of a riding pant breech with knee patches and straps that cuffs down over the tops of the boots to hold the jod in place. The legs of these pants remain secured underneath the young equestrian riders boots with elasticized straps that prevent riding up within the boot. In this case a paddock boot as opposed to a tall boot is used.

Equestrian riders over the age of 12 in English riding disciplines may wear tall boots or pair paddock boots with half chaps made from leather, suede or synthetic half chaps. This combination keeps the rider from getting blisters and rubs from the stirrup leathers and simulates the feeling and performance of a tall riding boot. English paddock boot with English half chap combinations are popular for Equestrian riders that are schooling their horses. Tall boots are a style of English riding boot that is either referred to as a field boots or a dressage style boot.

The field boot has front laces or elastic and give rider ankle room, whereas the dressage boot is a smooth looking front boot and can have a stiff spine used for traditional dressage riders or softer spine used by Equestrian hunter jumper riders as this style boot is clean looking and easy to clean and keep clean. Equestrian riders choose according to their discipline. Horse riding boots for women run a variety of styles and brands. Field boots used to be the choice of hunter riders that are now moving to the dress looking boot. Equitation riders still tend to favor the lace field boots. Dressage boots are the choice of show jumpers. And closed dressage are used by equestrians practicing dressage.

European brands do not differentiate between men’s horse riding boots and women’s horse riding boots and run in whole sizes. Often only coming in whole sizes with an insert that adjusts the size by a half. As a tack store we love this option as it allows us better fit and to adjust for riders growing or with different foot sizes. Todays English dress boots and field and dressage boots come with full length zippers and stretch panels that allow the riders to put them on easy and take them off by just simply unzipping. Tall riding boots are most often made of genuine calf skin soft leather, but synthetic leather versions are available by brands like Fabbri Boots Italy.

Tall boots work by showjumpers and Dressage riders have many stylish features include contoured top, Spanish cut toplines meant to elongate the rider’s leg profiles, round or square toe shapes, punched toe caps and exotic or patent leather and color options and piping for added show ring flair. Field boots that have front laces and to allow for a proper heels down riding and jumping position are designed to break and drop and by wrinkling around the riders ankles. The amount of drop for the field boot depends on the softness of the leather and the cut of the boot. For example a Parlanti is a brand of field boot made from thin super soft calf skin Italian leather and these will drop more than a boot made of full grain leather such as an Ariat. Equestrian Dressage boots are stiffer leather than the leather used to manufacture English field tall boots.

The Dressage boots are meant to remain tall. They should not drop or soften at the ankle as much as field boots. The reason is the dressage rider uses a longer leg position. The tall dressage boot therefor supports subtle aids rather and the dressage rider does not need to push their heels down into jumping position. Some English Dressage boots used to have whale rib inserted; and even today dressage boots have a stiffener in the back to prevent the tall dressage boot from dropping or creasing at the ankle. Dressage boot sometimes have zippers placed toward the front at an angle to allow the rider to easily put their foot into the boot.

Measuring Tall Riding Boots

A soft measuring tape is used to measure Equestrian riders for their tall riding boots. Tall boots are measured with the rider wearing their show breeches and thin show . Measuring should be done by a trained tack store employee. And to accommodate for a drop in tall field horse riding boots for women the boots when measured need to add 1 1/2"" to even 2"" in the riders your height measurement depending on the amount of anticipated drop by the brand. For the Dressage boots and a stiff dressage boot, add 1 1/4"" to maximum 1 1/2"" to the custom order height.

Tack Warehouse has a large selection of Equestrian riding boots and matching riding chaps specific for each riding discipline from Dressage tall boots to field boots for hunter and jumper riders and Equestrian paddock boots for schooling with matching half chaps. We stock tall riding boot brands imported from all over the world including Italy, Germany, France. We also stock riding boots perfect for riders just getting started. Some riders use half chaps to protect their legs when riding and the riders pair these with paddock boots. English paddock boots come in lace and zipper so no need to worry about loose laces while riding your horse. Shop the best Equestrian brands like Parlanti, Fabbri, Cavallo, Ariat, Mountain Horse, Free Jump, Ovation and more. "