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Pony Saddle Pads

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Ogilvy Half Pad with Fleece Color Trim Equifit ImpacTeq Half Pad w/ Color Trim EquiFit ImpacTeq Half Pad Impact
Pony ImpacTeq EquiFit Half Pad Custom Ogilvy 1/2 Saddle Pad Non-Slip T-Foam Contour Half Pad
Non-Slip T-Foam Contour Half Pad PS-of-Sweden-Signature-Saddle-Pad-Night-Rose PS-of-Sweden-Signature-Saddle-Pad-Wine
Pad-E-PS-Sweden-Jump Pad-E-PS-Sweden-Brown-Suede-Jump Pad-E-PS-of-Sweden-Boutique-Bow
Pad E PS Sweden Jump
Our Price: $109.95
PS-of-Sweden-Jump-Saddle-Pad Equestrian-Stockholm-Jump-Saddle-Pad Equestrian-Stockholm-Jump-Saddle-Pad-Golden-Brass
Equestrian-Stockholm-Jump-Saddle-Pad-Dark-Sky ImpacTeq Half Pad Fleece Cover Pad-E-PS-of-Sweden-Jump-Winning-Round
Pad-E-PS-of-Sweden-Jump-Lap-of-Honor Pad-E-PS-Sweden-Jump Pad-E-PS-Sweden-Jump
Classic Equine Kid Saddle Felt Saddle Pad Pad-E-BOT-Nights-Collection Pad-E Fair-Play-Quartz-Ceramic-Black
USG-Baroness-Jump-Saddle-Pad-White ERS-Catago-Diamond-Saddle-Pad-White ERS-Catago-Diamond-Saddle-Pad-White-Navy
Double Fleece Pony Pad Pad-Ogilvy-Baby-Jump-Grey
Double Fleece Pony Pad
Our Price: $49.95
Pony saddle pads are bits of padding that cover a horse's back and protect the rider in the saddle.

Pony saddle pads are a special type of pad that is used on ponies. This type of pad is used to help the pony carry your weight and keep you comfortable while riding. These pads are usually made of cotton or a synthetic material that feels similar to cotton, and they are designed in a way that prevents chafing when the pad makes contact with your legs. They also help you hold on to the saddle easier for more control during your ride.

You can use them to help support injured or weak muscles, to provide warmth, or to relieve pressure from a saddle. They come in many different shapes and materials, like wool-blend felt, neoprene, or gel. There are also gel pads that can be used for therapeutic or training purposes.

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