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Therapeutic Saddle Pads

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Therapeutic saddle pads are a popular gift for horse owners. Many horse owners use therapeutic saddle pads to help ensure proper posture and healthy weight distribution on the horse's back.

The most commonly used types of material for these pads are wool, foam, and synthetics. Some therapeutic pads also have matching saddle blankets that are available in the same color patterns and materials.

therapeutic saddle pads are specially designed to fit over the back of your saddle while you're riding, so they don't get in the way of the reins or slow down your horse. The pad's materials are designed with your comfort in mind: It's soft, it's breathable, and its thickness will ensure that you get the support you need without any painful pressure points!

In addition to these benefits, therapeutic saddle pads make sure to provide cushioning and padding when you're not riding. Simply place it under your sleeping bag while camping or under your jeans while working at your desk. It's great for easing back pain, shin splints, and sore feet—and will fit over any saddle due to its stretchy design.

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