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Halters & Lead Ropes

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Flat Padded Halter 1in Flat Padded Halter 1in
Our Price: $125.00
EcoLuxe Lunge Line EcoLuxe Lunge Line
Our Price: $53.49
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Horse Halters & Lead Ropes

Tack Warehouse A horse halter is used to lead or tie up horses and livestock it fits behind the horses ears and then goes around the animals muzzle; then a lead rope is attached. Horse halters come in a variety of sizes from Stallion halters, Horse halters, Cob halters, Pony halters and Draft Horse Halter size. The halters are made of leather or nylon and come Breakaway Original, halters with Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap Halter as well as a grooming type.

We stock many brands of halters: Weaver Halters, Schockemohle Halters, Leather Walsh Halters, Ovation Halters...