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English Horse Bits by Herm Sprenger

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Herm Sprenger Brand of Horse Bits Loose Ring Dressage Weymouth Gag Nathe
Herm Sprenger® is the world leader producing Dressage and Jumping horse bits since 1832. Herm Sprenger is the most desired Dressage horse bits on the market. Sprenger bits have been crafted of the finest materials. The Herm Sprenger brand uses exacting standards. The Herm Sprenger horse bits are selected for use by the top show jumpers and Olympian Dressage riders. Sprenger produces bits using certain materials under the Brands: Nathe, KK Aurigan bits, Sprenger Dynamic SENSOGAN snaffles are just a few of the bit styles made by Herm Sprenger®. Shop Herm Sprenger from Tack Warehouse selection of Herm Sprenger® English horse bits.
Herm Sprenger Aurigan Horse Bit
Aurigan is the new bit material developed by Herm Sprenger and the result of additional development and consequently the improvement of our original material, Aurigan. HS Sprenger have built on the success and positive features of Aurigan. This bit material is specifically designed for the horse for the taste and salivation aspects. The result is to give an even more delicate and sophisticated connection between the rider and their horse.
Herm Sprenger English Horse Bit Selection
Herm Sprenger makes many styles of English horse bits ranging from: • KK Bits • WH Ultra Bits • Dynamic RS Bits • KK And Mullen Mouth Bits • Turnado Horse Bits • Loose Ring Snaffles in Stainless Steel • Bradoons that are Single Jointed • D-Ring Snaffles • Bradoons that are Double Jointed • Weymouth Bits • Full Cheek snaffles • Rubber Bits • English Horse Jumping Bits • Max-Control Bits • Aurigan Loose Ring Snaffles • Duo Bits • Eggbutt Bits And D-Ring Snaffles • Special Bits • Pelhams • Hackamore • Special Bits Including Spoon Mouth Bits • Western Horse Bits • Driving Bits & Novocontact.
Herm Sprenger Horse Bit History
Herm Sprenger GmbH today remains a family owned company, with 160 employees started in 1872 and led by the fourth generation of the original bit founder. Herm Sprenger successfully exports their bits from Germany worldwide. All HS Sprenger products are marked with the HS logo and are manufactured in their factory in Iserlohn, Germany. Look for the HS logo to be certain of the “made in Germany” Sprenger label.
Shop Tack Warehouse for Herm Sprenger Horse Bits
This is the official Tack Warehouse Herm Sprenger official site for Sprenger brand horse bits. H erm Sprenger bits are stocked at Tack Warehouse and we are the source for Herm Sprenger bits USA. Sprenger horse bits are a leading brand we sell. We are proud to offer Herm Sprenger USA also called HS Sprenger. The Herm Sprenger company exports their bits from the Sprenger Germany factory for our customers to enjoy.