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Happy Mouth Horse Bits Plastic Rubber Polymer Bites for Horses

HAPPY MOUTH ENGLISH HORSE BITS: Happy Mouth snaffle bit, Gag Combination Bites, Happy Mouth Mullen Mouth Horse Bit, Happy Mouth pelham horse bits or the Happy Mouth D ring mouth bit along with a large selection of horse gag bits.

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Happy Mouth Shaped Mullen Mouth Pelham Bit Mullen Shaped Pelham
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Happy Mouth Horse Bits Bites for Horses

English Happy Mouth Horse Bits: Rubber Polymer

Tack Warehouse Shop the complete Happy Mouth Bits line that is manufactured with the health and horses mouth happiness. Happy Mouth has the solution with incredible horse bits. What makes Happy Mouth so special is the horse bits are covered with an apple flavored and scented durable polymer non toxic plastic. The material for these bits are soft, flexible, durable and non-toxic. Happy Mouth bits have a stainless steel core to keep horses from biting through their bit; which makes these horse rubber bits a strong and safe bit choice for your horse. The apple scented and flavored plastic covering the Happy Mouth bit make it a favorite of every horse as compared to other types. The soft material of the bit is easy on the horses mouth and teeth and more wildly accepted. Happy Mouth is the choice of horse trainers everywhere. The Happy Mouth Bit with copper rollers or detail with polymer encourages horses salivation, which produces a soft mouth and better acceptance of the bit. Happy Mouth bits are the perfect bit choice for starting colts and young horses. One of the great things about Happy Mouth Horse Bits is that come in so many sizes from pony to oversize draft horse bits. Happy Mouth Bits come in many types and mouthpiece styles: Happy Mouth snaffle bit, Happy Mouth Mullen mouth bit, Happy Mouth pelham horse bit or the Happy Mouth D ring mouth bit along with a large selection of horse gag bits and gag combination horse bits. Shop Tack Warehouse for the complete Happy Mouth Bit Selection. Happy Mouth Horse Bits - Buy at Tack Warehouse for BEST Pricing!

Discover the Joy of Riding with Happy Mouth Horse Bits

Riding is not just about the horse and the rider; it's about the connection between the two. A significant player in this bond is the horse bit, a critical piece of equipment that allows communication between horse and rider. Tack Warehouse introduces its exclusive range of Happy Mouth Bits, designed with the comfort of your equine partner in mind.

The Uniqueness of Happy Mouth Bits

Every horse deserves a happy mouth; our bits are crafted to ensure that. Our bits offer a unique blend of innovation, technology, and compassion, ensuring your horse's comfort while enhancing performance.

  1. Gentle Material: Our bits are made from a non-toxic, soft, flexible, yet durable plastic. This material is gentler on the horse's mouth than traditional metal bits, reducing the risk of cuts or sores.
  2. Variety of Designs: We offer various designs to cater to different horse breeds, natures, and riding styles. Whether your horse is gentle or spirited, we have a bit to suit their needs.
  3. High Quality:Each bit is carefully crafted with attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality. They are built to last, offering durability even through rigorous training sessions and competitive events.
  4. Comfort:Our happy mouth bits' unique design and material ensure maximum comfort for your horse, reducing discomfort and stress during rides.
  5. Ease of Use: Convenience is key in the fast-paced equestrian world. Our bits are easy to attach and remove, making them a practical choice for everyday use.

A Range of Happy Mouth Bits for Every Need

At Tack Warehouse, we understand that every horse and rider is unique. Therefore, we offer a variety of bits to cater to your specific needs.

Copper Roller

This mouth bit features a copper roller in the center, which encourages the horse to play with the bit, promoting relaxation and salivation. The playful interaction helps reduce anxiety and tension, leading to a more comfortable ride.

Double Jointed

The double-jointed bit is designed to distribute pressure evenly across the tongue and bars of the horse's mouth. This design offers a softer feel than a single-jointed bit, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury.

Contour Copper Roller Egg butt

This bit combines a copper roller's benefits with an eggbutt design's stability. The contour design fits comfortably in the horse's mouth, offering exceptional comfort and control. This bit is particularly beneficial for horses that are learning new commands.

Full Cheek Gag Double Jointed

This bit provides adjacent control, making it useful for horses that tend to be strong or heavy on the rider's hand. The double-jointed design ensures even pressure distribution, while the full cheekpieces prevent the bit from moving too much in the mouth.

Versatile Applications of Our Happy Mouth Bits

Our bits are versatile and can be used in various riding activities, highlighting their adaptability and effectiveness.

  1. Training: Training sessions can be stressful for young or sensitive horses. The comfort and gentle pressure of these bits make them ideal for training purposes, helping to establish trust and understanding between the horse and rider.
  2. Dressage: Dressage requires subtle and precise communication between the rider and horse. The different designs of our bits allow for this subtle communication, making them suitable for dressage.
  3. Jumping: Jumping requires control and responsiveness. Our bits provide the necessary control and response needed for jumping activities, ensuring your horse understands and responds to your commands accurately.
  4. Trail Riding: For leisurely trail rides, comfort is key. These bits ensure your horse remains comfortable throughout the journey, allowing them to enjoy the experience as much as you do.
  5. Competitions: Competitive events require top-notch equipment. With their high quality and performance, our bits are even suitable for competitive events. They provide the control and comfort your horse needs.

Why Choose Our Happy Mouth Bits

Choosing bits from Tack Warehouse means choosing comfort, quality, and variety for your beloved horsy partner. Here, you're not just getting a product but investing in your horse's happiness and peace of mind. Our bits are designed to cater to your horse's needs while ensuring they enjoy every ride as much as you do.
We understand that a bit is not just a tool but a means of communication, an essential part of your horse's training and performance. That's why we offer highly superior, durable, and horse-friendly products.
So, enhance the joy of riding with our Happy Mouth Bits. Discover the difference this can make to your riding experience. After all, a happy horse makes for a happy ride!