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Dressage Boots For Horses

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Find The Perfect Horse Boots For Dressage Horses From Tack Warehouse

Horse Boots for Dressage Horses, Polo Wraps and Splimt Boots

Dressage horses selecting Horse Boots

If you want to keep your dressage horse safe and comfortable while training or competing, it's essential to choose the right set of dressage boots. With so many different options available today, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you and your horse. By considering boot type, material, and fit when making your selection, you'll be able to find horse boots that perfectly suit your needs and keep your dressage horse healthy and happy.

As a dressage rider, you know the importance of having the right gear to protect your horse's legs. That includes a good set of quality horse boots. Dressage boots provide support and protection for your horse's leg, and can help prevent injuries.

There are many different types of dressage sport boots on the market, so how do you know which ones are best for your horse? Here are some things to consider when choosing horse boots for dressage:

Types of Horse Sport Boots:

There are three main types of horse boots: open-fronted, closed-front boots, and support boot that protect the horses legs. And then bell boots for their hooves. Open fronted boots are typically used for jumping training, while closed fronted boots are generally used for flat work. Dressage horses normally wear padded closed boots or polo wraps to offer more support and protection during flat work and for competition. Additionally, Bell boots are worn over the hooves to help protect them from overreaching or being stepped on.

Horse Boot Material & Construction:

Horse boots are made of leather, synthetic leather, or neoprene. With fleece or self padding material on the inside. Each material has benefits and drawbacks. It's important to choose the right boot for your horse. Leather boots are the most durable and offer excellent support. However, they can be expensive. Synthetic leather is an affordable option. However, not as durable as leather. Neoprene boots are lightweight and comfortable for your horse to wear, but some horses are allergic to neoprene and this material does not offer as much support as other materials .

Best tendon horse boot:

It's important to make sure that your horse's boots fit properly as leg boots too large can rub and create sores and slip. Boots too small prevent your horse from moving freely and can bow tendons. To ensure a good leg boot fit, have the fit checked by a Dressage horse trainer or veterinarian. Also, look for horse boots with elastic adjustable straps and buckles.

Why horses wear dressage boots..

The best style splint dressage boots have Velcro straps around the horse's leg. Check to make sure the Velcro straps go on the outside of their leg. Boots protect your horses cannon bone and you will pull the dressage boots horse Velcro straps to back of the outside leg.

Sizing your Dressage Horse Boots:The horse boots are sized based on the horses cannon diameter and the dressage boots for horses by certain brands come sized for smaller cannon bones like those smaller for mini and for pony leg boots, to dressage boots for regular horse sizes to boots wide and oversized for warmblood-sized or draft horse dressage boots.

What are horse brushing boots used for?
Brushing boots are a type of horse boot that is designed to protect horse's legs from stricking each other from the horse's hooves while being ridden. These are tmade from a tough, durable materials that withstands the wear and tear a horse places on them. Brushing boots have padded interior that cushions legs and also prevent any rubbing. Look for interior splint bone support bar like the old Ulster boots for added protection.
Turnout Boots for Horses. Dressage Boot on Horse turned out in pasture

Turnout Boots used for horses - always using protective horse boots when turning out your horses to protect their splint bone.

Here, we'll take a look at some of the best horse boots on the market for tendon support. We'll also give you some tips on what to look for when shopping for horse boots, as well as some recommendations for the top horse boots for tendon support.

Veredus Italy Brand of Absolute Sport Dressage Boots in Black and White

Veredus Absolute Horse and STS Veredus fleece horse boots are popular boots to protect tendons. The Veredus Absolute Velcro Boot is supportive, flexible, and protective Dressage horseboot and for flat work. AbsoluteDressageBoots offer your horse safety and performance. Designed to be durable from Dressage rider Isabell Werth and Veredus Italy. Sturdy reinforced panels provide extra support to your horse's legs while still allowing full range of leg motion. They are simple wash and go dressage boots for horses.
EquiFit Dressage horse boots are a favorite amongst top Dressage trainers and riders. Designed horse boots for performance and a patented dual foam system for unparalleled splint support and horse leg tendon protection.
Another brand made just for Dressage horses is called Dressage Sport Boots "DSB" and these are one of our best sellers and the boots have the perfect amount of fleece lining, durable outer material and good quality velcro closures.

Fitting horse sport boots

It is always important to find a pair of horse boots that will fit your horse properly. Horse boots come in a variety of sizes from mini to pony to horse to cob to warmblood... Take the horse's legs to find the right size and consider the type of horse boot best for your style of riding. You need base your choice on the horses activity, such as dressage or jumping.

Start by measuring the circumference of your horse's legs around each of leg cannon bones and height and you will get a good starting point for choosing the proper horse boot size. Protective boots should fit snug but not too tight with the ability to put one finger in between the boot and the horses leg.

Equestrian Stockholm Polo Wraps on Dressage Horse in Burgandy Polo Wrap

Polo Wraps Polo Wraps are another style of leg protection.

Dressage riders work their horses on the flat. It is very common to use polo wraps for leg protection. Polo wraps are basically long strips of fabric with some given to them that are wrapped around the horse's legs. They provide support and protection without being too constrictive. Many dressage riders prefer to use four polo wraps, one for each leg. It is important to make sure that the wraps are even when wrapping with no pressure or extra tightness on any one part of the horse's leg. Polo wraps provide support for the horse's legs when working. Polo's protect horses legs against knocks and support helping to reduce inflammation. Some Dressage riders use a second wrap under the polo wrap to cool the horse's leg and for additional support. They also can be washed after each use, meaning they can be kept sanitary. To Shop Tack Warehouse Polo Wraps

For Polo wrapping begin at the horse's fetlock and wrap around the leg in an even spiral fashion, making sure to keep the wrap snug but not tight. Be super careful not to wrap too tight around the horse's tendons. Once you reach the top of the horse's leg, tuck in the end of the wrap under the previous wraps to secure. We advised for an experienced equine professional show riders how to properly wrap the first time. Wrapping incorrectly can result in leg problems.

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Looking for the best horse boots for your dressage horse; shop Tack Warehouse's Dressage Horse Boots, With a wide selection of horse boots in various styles and sizes, Tack Warehouse has something to meet the needs of every dressage horse. Whether you're looking for boots to help protect your horse's legs during training or horse shows, or you simply want a comfortable pair of boots to keep your horse's hooves protected and comfortable, Tack Warehouse has the perfect option for you.

Happy Riding!