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Western Spur Straps

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Western Leather Spur Straps

How to Choose the Right Set of Spur Straps

Western spurs are a riders tool that aids in directing the western horse by enforcing leg cues. Western spurs and western spur straps have been used by horsemen for centuries and the varieties come in many forms, colors and materials.

How does the rider choose which the correct western spur strap?

If you ride in western spurs, then you will need a proper fitting pair of western spur straps. The correct western spur strap hold the western spur in place firmly to the riders boot, not allowing the spur to come loose or flop. The western riders needs western spur straps on for their boots to keep the western spurs from falling off. The length of western spur straps depends on how well the yoke of the spur fits their western boots. The yoke of the riders spur to fit properly should fit snugly around the heel of the western riders boot. For this reason the rider should wear the boots they intend to ride in to find the spurs and spur straps that fit the best for a more accurate fitting.

Western Spur Straps:

Western spur straps for cowboy boots come in a wide variety of leather and materials and western spur straps come in options from plain to spur straps having very decorative accents. Western spur straps are functional but the design always adds a touch of western style to the riders boots and attire. At the same time the western spur strap is functional designed to keep the horse riders western spurs nicely set in place on their cowboy boots.

Western spur straps options include leather lining sometimes in elk hide that acts to protect the western riders cowboy boots from their western spurs rubbing. Some styles of western spur straps have raised leather keepers that work to keep the riders spurs tighter against their boots. Others styles of western spur straps include the wide buckaroo style. The wide yoke of the buckaroo style spur strap added leather helps to keep the spur set and distributes the weight of the spur across the arch of the cowboy boot. Western riders also use a spur tie down . These can be made from rubber straps and fit under the riders heel and back to attach to the buttons on the western spur. While these make getting your western spur off much harder, these tie downs help set the western spur and keep the spur anchored down and tight with the western spur strap. Many western riders just leave their favorite western spur attached to their western riding boot for wase of use.

Tack Warehouse's selection of western spur straps come in sizes from women, men's, kids youth and child’s. Children’s straps are generally a small thin piece of leather made to break if the rider should become hung up. Youth western spur straps are a bit larger then child’s but not as long as ladies. They tend to fit show sizes up to a size 6.5” and many ladies with smaller feet wear the youth spur straps as they are short enough to keep the western spur strap snug on the cowboy boots.

Ladies western spur straps tend to be 1/2"" smaller in length as compared to men’s western spur straps. Ladies western spur straps also tend to be a little narrower in diameter as compared to spur straps designed to fit on a western men’s boot. Tack Warehouse stocks a variety of spur strap from many quality western brands such as Weaver Leather goods, Classic Equine, Equibrand , Bar H, B Bar J, Professionals' Choice, Dale Chavez and many others. Tack Warehouse brand of Monterey Bay Saddlery spur straps are proudly made in the U.S handcrafted by western Amish artisans.

Our Amish made Monterey Bay brand is harness leather and have been hand crafted meticulously designed so that the spur straps hold up and shape around the riders boots. Other styles of western spur straps by Dale Chavez are exquisite in detail and these spur straps use the highest quality hand tooled leather with stylish sterling silver buckles and other silver embellishments to stand out in the horse show arenas. A western spur strap with a highly attractive appearance; whether showing, training horses, trail riding or competing ads a bit of class to the western rider.

We stock quality spur straps with a wide range of styles, including narrow to wide shaped western straps with decorative stainless steel or brass buckles, some have stainless steel studs. The traditional western spur strap styles have a hand tooled floral or basketweave pattern. These are combined with stainless studs, some have Swarovski crystals and bling embellishments. Others have beautiful hand engraved western sterling silver conchos to accent the western spur straps with conchos with matching buckles. The leather is hand rubbed oiled Hermann Oak leather and this helps to water proof and protect the spur strap from wear and tear.

Other fun features riders can choose from are genuine cow hair, alligator, faux crocodile finish to embossed and patterned inserts and western spur straps with bling and other fun western embellishments. We also carry plain spur straps in black western spur straps, light leather, latigo western spur straps. Other options include western oak leaf pattern spur straps and some come with antique engraved bronze buckles. The Bar H brand of western spur straps that are a tremendous value because of the quality of the spur strap detail and price.

These spur straps are beautifully handcrafted brushed hand finished leather that is hand tooled in popular western tooling patterns. These spur straps are many a western riders choice with attractive features such as an antique leather appearance, quality deep tooled basketweave and floral leaf pattern tooling. Our spur straps come with copper stud or silver studs. Most have stainless steel buckles and most of our better spur straps feature leather lined straps. Stop into Tack Warehouse to shop our quality and large selection of western spur straps and find the perfect fit for you and your boots."