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Professionals Choice Western Horse Bits & Spurs

Professionals Choice Products makes western horse tack for Western horse riders and western horses. The Professionals Choice line of Western tack has been around since 1986. The Professionals Choice brand is well known for quality and technical horse and equine products and based right here in the USA. Tack Warehouse carries the Professionals Choice Western horse bits made out of quality stainless steel and copper. The Professionals Choice bit line includes bits designed by our industry top riders like Bobby Avila cowhorse bits and AL Dunning Cutting horse bits and Britanny Pozzi Barrel racer. These are horse bits the riders actually use on their horses.
Prof Choice does not stop there they also make western spurs. These are spurs designed around the actual event the rider is training for. Professionals Choice are made for horse training and they have weight to keep them down on riders boot heels. They make their spurs in children, Ladies and sized for Men with lots of detail and spur rowel options.

Professional's Choice Western Horse Boots

Professionals Choice founded its company on horse boots for western horses. The PC boots are made for horses of all sizes and types. From leather rear skid boots used by top reining horse competitors to SMB Sports Medicine Boots; horse boots on their barrel racing and roping horses. In all of our sports it is important to protect our horses legs with quality horse boots that have splint support and fetlock protection for horse care products. Some horse boots are hard shelled and have no fetlock protection like a splint boot while other horse boots offer full protection with a horse boot wraps covering the fetlock and splint bone to just plain old splint boots for schooling horses in. Each western event has a variety or specific needs and PC makes equine boots for horses in all disciplines. PC also makes equine leg wraps perfect for horses on stall rest or needing additional support wraps for the horses legs to prevent them from stocking up after a hard day riding or at an event. Horse leg wraps can be a support wrap or a simple wrap used for wrapping a horses leg when trailering to even bed sore boots to keep horses from getting sores in their stalls.

Professional's Choice Western Horse Cinch's

Professional's Choice made some of the first neoprene synthetic western girths and cinch's. Horse trainers especially like these because the western girths can be easily washed and sanitized so if you are using a horse saddle on multiple horses you can keep the horses from spreading disease. Professionals Choice Riding Girths have a wide selection. Prof Choice makes both a shape wide roper style western girth and straight western horse girth as well as string and mohair cinches that this type of western girth is used to start colts and cutting horse events. The wide roper style girth helps spread pressure across the belly of the horse and also guard the horses belly. The Professionals Choice neoprene girths are breathable washable material with removable liners and a hard breathable outer shell that can simply be hosed off. All of the Professionals Choice Western Cinch Girth line feature stainless steel roller buckles and d-ring attachment to hook up martingale or breastplate attachments.

Professional's Choice Western Saddle Pads

Professionals Choice also offers western saddle pads with a variety of sizes and materials. From felt bottom to fleece and sizes for a small barrel horse to a larger 36' cutting horse saddle. The Professionals choice also makes western pads come in a variety of colors to match your western outfits. Some of the western pads have neoprene inserts and saddle plates built in to support horses from heavy western saddles.

Professional's Choice Horse Fly Sheets and Horse Blankets

Let us not forget the Professionals Choice Western horse line also has horse blankets, horse sheets and fly sheets for horses. PC is well known for its western fly protection collections. The Professionals Choice fly collection includes fly sheets that matching fly masks, Fly sheets and fly boots available for ponies up to draft sized horses. The Professionals Choice fly collection comes in great season patterns and colors and the textaline material holds up well for horses turned out. Professionals Choice brand also produces rope horse halters and standard horse halter as well as training rope horse halters and tape horse halters that come with attached lead ropes.

Professional's Choice Western Horse Tack

Professional's Choice is a leading quality horse brand in our western industry. at Tack Warehouse we carry everything from Professional's choice from horse boots to western saddle pads and including Schutz Leather western tack. Professionals Choice line of western tack is made by a family of craftsman that have generations of tradition in producing top quality western leather work. The Schutz leather products by Professionals Choice feature heavy oil dressing impregnated into the harness leather which the finished tack has as a great look and feel from the first ride and lasts for years of use to come.