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Bit Accessories

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Bradoon Strap w/cheek Bradoon Strap w/cheek
Our Price: $62.00
Ovation Bit Converter Ovation Bit Converter
Our Price: $44.95
Vale English Bit Burr Vale English Bit Burr
Our Price: $32.95
Myler Curb Kit Myler Curb Kit
Our Price: $27.95
Original Bit+Wash Kit Original Bit+Wash Kit
Our Price: $21.95
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Equestrians know that bits are a key component of horseback riding. In fact, they're the tool with which one controls their horse. But bits are just one part of the overall equation. Equestrians also need bit accessories, including curb chains, bit converters, and Herm Sprenger bits. The curb chain is designed to fit over the horse’s lower jaw, and is attached to a bit shank. It has two rings which attach to the reins, and is usually made of stainless steel. The bit converter attaches to a snaffle bit and converts it into a curb bit. It works with any snaffle bit with loose rings and a mouthpiece of up to 16mm thickness.

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