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English Gag Horse Bits by Herm Sprenger

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Herm Sprenger Brand of English Equestrian Horse Bits Gag Horse Bit
Herm Sprenger® is the world leader producing Dressage and Jumping horse bits since 1832 and this includes their selection of Gag horse bits. The Herm Sprenger horse bit features nicely shaped rings that are tight.
Herm Sprenger Aurigan Gag Horse Bit
Aurigan the horse bit material developed by Herm Sprenger; HS Sprenger have built on the success and positive features of Aurigan. This bit material is specifically designed for the horse to accept because of pleasant taste and salivation aspects related to the gag horse bit. The result is to gives the rider an even more delicate and sophisticated connection between the rider and their horses mouth. Herm Sprenger offers a variety of materials for their horse gag mouthpiece bits including stainless snaffle bits that are also available in many materials snaffle material and Aurigan and Sensogan type copper loose ring snaffle a material to encourage salivation and bit acceptance by the horse. The Flex Control gag Bit from Herm Sprenger is a best seller and is made of Aurigan metal again this offers a sweet taste to horse combined with the horse bits unique mouthpiece encourages the English horse to accept the bit and respond.
Herm Sprenger English Horse Gag Bit Collection
Herm Sprenger collection of Equestrian English horse bits range from: Dynamic RS Horse Bits Bradoons that are Double Jointed • Weymouth Bits • Full Cheek snaffles • Rubber Mouth Gag Bits KK And Mullen Mouth Bits • Turnado Horse Bits • Gag Snaffles in Stainless Steel • Bradoons that are Single Jointed • D-Ring Snaffles English Horse Jumping Gag Horse Bits • Max-Control Bits • Aurigan Loose Ring Dressage Snaffle • KK Ultra Bits • WH Ultra Eggbutt Bits Hackamore • Special Bits Including Spoon Mouth Bits • Driving Horse Bits & Novocontact.
About Herm Sprenger English Gag Horse Bit Structure
The Herm Sprenger English gag horse bit works with leverage on the horse's lips and poll simultaneously. The bits pressure on the horses lips tends to make the horse raise its head upward, which is useful for a horse that tends to lean or brace on the bit. The curb chain then makes the horse tuck thier head in. Gag bits are used mainly for horses that are strong pullers or for horses that need retraining. Gag bits are most commonly seen in showjumping, polo, eventing for cross-country, show jumping requiring sharp turns, and hacking. The HS Gag bit is geared for increased control of the horse at times where a horse may be excited or try to run off with the rider. The gag is a style of horse bit can help elevate a horses head and neck when the horse is heavy on its front end.
The gag is not permitted at any level of dressage. Then again only snaffles bits are permitted for use in dressage. Gag bits are a tool for skilled riders. Gag horse bits are not permitted in the hunter arena.
The Herm Sprenger gag bit normally is used with two sets of reins or a rein converter; one rein on the bit ring that does not apply the gag leverage, and the other rein on the small ring attached to the cord or rolled leather strap of the gag bridle cheekpiece. The two reins system allows the rider to only use the leverage portion of when gag action is needed and the rest of the time the bit can be used as a normal snaffle bit. Gags come in a variety of ring styles with the Pessoa 2 ring style Herm Sprenger gag bit our best seller. There is also a 3 ring gag bit option that offers the rider even more leverage, cartwheel gags that are short shank and roate as well as integrated sliding cord gag bits that directly tuck in the horses neck by applying in line poll pressure.
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