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Stubben Horse Bits & Spurs

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 Stübben English Riding Horse Bits & English Horse Spurs

Stübben Horse Bits & English Horse Spurs

Tack Warehouse is proud to carry the Stubben horse bit line. There are many options from full cheek, lock up, gags, loose ring, Weymouth, Dee Ring and pelhams all quality made horse bits made to a higher level and these bits have weight so horses will drop into them. Stübben is a historic horse bit manufacturer from Germany and today Stubben is the horse bit brand where tradition meets modernity. Stübben has been connecting riders and horses with their amazing English bits and English spurs since 1894. Stubben is based in Europe and is now run today by the fifth-generation family owned business. What is remarkable is Stubben Bits develop products and continue to set new industry standards. Their horse bits are made for the well being of the horse and connection to the rider. This is the basic prerequisite for this ideology for making horse bits and spurs for the English industry. The Stubben company researches and creates horse bit design supporting the biomechanics of the rider and horse partnership.

Stübben STEELtec Horse Bits

Stübben STEELtec is a material used to make Stubben horse bits. Stübben Steeltec bit material makes a horse bit durable metal product and long lasting. This is important for equestrian sports. High quality materials combined with state of the art English horse bit production techniques that are hand finished with tight joints that are not sharp and will not pinch the horses mouth with enough weight to the bit that the helps the horse drop into the bit.

Stübben EZ Control

EZ Control uses the Stubben of Sweet Copper is particularly and this help the horse salivate and accept the bit. The EZ Control engages the bit and gives the rider another level of aid for their horse . Stubben EZ Control bit is a more effective aids due to leverage only in direction of pull and this horse bits lateral flexibility on the external parts of the bit. These riders aids are more effective the run of the mill horse bits and EZ Control is gentle on the mouth. The result is faster communication between horse and rider. So with optimal effect with minimal pressure on the reins this will transfers the riders intent and the ideal bit for horses which are going against the rider’s hand.

Stübben SWEET Copper Link

Horses like the sweet copper. The benefit of the SWEET Copper Link is that the horse has better acceptance of the bit, latitude from the rider to the horse, pleasant sweet taste of the middle piece of the bit offers better horse acceptance of the riding bit, the copper encourages chewing and salivation Stubben bits are made of solid copper composition made from 90% copper, 7% iron aluminum, and with no nickel. This means this is a horse bit with very high strength and this is important as softer bits can creats sharp spots or the horse can bite through the bit.
Stubben Bits & Spurs - Buy at Tack Warehouse for BEST Prices & Selection!