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Figure 8 Bridles

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<showjumping bridle for horses - figure 8 eight style noseband

Showjumping Figure 8 Bridles

Figure 8 bridles are a style of bridle noseband used by eventers and showjumpers. Jumper riders and event riders love the selection of horse bridles at Tack Warehouse.

Showjumping Bridles

The figure8 bridles function basically like a basic snaffle bridle; however, the noseband is wrapped over the nose and chin in a Figure 8 shape. Figure 8 Bridles usually include some sort of sheepskin or padding at the cross point of the noseband. The figure 8 design keeps the horse's mouth closed like a drop or flash noseband while allowing for full use of the horse of the nostrils. This helps aid air supply, needed for galloping. The figure 8 bridles are generally durable leather and come standard in brown although black is an option for the Equestrian Fashionista trying to be matchy-matchy.

USA, English Leather or Imported?

Our Tack Warehouse buyers shop for bridles that are made in the USA or imported from England as these tend to be the best made. If you are eventing or showjumping this is a piece of horse equipment you do not want to skimp on because the bridle is your protection for you and your horse. We look for bridles made from English tanned leather brands or German tanned hides such as Sedwick leather that holds up with use. The worst thing that can happen is a bridle failure from an inexpensive imported cheap India bridle made from water buffalo leather that tears or falls apart while a rider is on course.

Why Shop Tack Warehouse

When you're looking for the best deals on English Figure 8 bridles, it's time to shop online at Tack Warehouse. We offer a full range of the best quality and most popular Figure 8 bridles that are available online, so you know you're going to get the best bang for your buck. We have the latest Nunn Finner Figure 8 bridles, as well as some of our favorite Aramas Figure 8 bridles, Edgewood Figure 8 and Ovation Figure 8 bridles. And we never skimp on the quality— our buyers ride and compete and know how important it is to have a bit that's strong and reliable, so we only offer products that meet our high standards.

Figure 8 Bridle Features

These horse bridles come with mono crown options, some come with fleece lining the entire noseband to help pad the horse. But it is critical to make sure the fleece does not impede the horses vision.

Figure 8 Bridle Reins

Most figure eight bridles come with reins. Rubber reins are a great option for the rider who wants a little more grip, especially when going cross country. These rubber reins can be found in many colors to match your saddle, bridle, and horse's personality! Some brands of bridles include Eventa brand rubber reins. Nunn finer figure 8 bridles have soft flexible soft-grip rein options. It is important that the reins fit the rider's hands snug and secure and are not to wide for smaller riders to hang on to. The rider can always ask the store to substitute reins.

Figure 8 Bridle Brands

When you're shopping for a figure 8 bridle, it's important to find a quality leather one that fits your horse well. The bridle should be made of durable leather and have soft padding at the noseband cross point. You should not see any cracking in the leather. The reins should be snug and secure in your hands, and ideally made of rubber for extra grip. At Tack Warehouse, we offer a wide selection of figure 8 bridles from top brands like Nunn Finner, Aramas, Stubben, Edgewood, and Ovation.

Shop Tack Warehouse For Your Next Figure 8 Bridle

So whether you're looking for a new Figure 8 bridle for yourself or your horse, be sure to shop at Tack Warehouse first. We have the best prices and the largest selection, so you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. And don't forget to check back often—we're always adding new products and sale items, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal possible.

Happy riding!