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Western Gear, Saddle & Tack Bags

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Saddle Bags - Pommel, Cantle Bags...

Tack Warehouse has the perfect selection of saddle bags. From cantle bags to pommel bags.

  • A cantle bag is a type of the western saddle bags

  • A cantle bag is a gear bag that attaches to the rear of the western saddle

  • A Pommel Bag Attaches to the front of the western saddle.

  • Cantle & Pommel bags come in a variety of material including leather, nylon, canvas and insulated

  • Tack Warehouse is your source for shopping horse saddle bags!

Saddle Bags Used for holding riders gear out on the trail

Horse saddle bags for the western saddle...

Western tack includes categories of equipment and gear bags like western horse saddle bags. Equipment and western bags are used to assist western riders on the trail to store and carry their stuff while riding. Western saddle bags come in many so many colors and sizes; the rider needs to choose one that will fit riders needs for storage on the trail rides; such as, water bottles, Sunscreen, rags, fly spray, lunch, spare halter, basic medical equipment , lead ropes from a short trail ride to a larger pack bag big enough for riders overnight camping trips.

Saddle Bag Construction:

Trail bags on the western saddle come in materials like insulated to keep items cold, leather is the most common, waterproof canvas or simply thin lightweight nylon saddle bags. Horse saddle bags; from Medical used for medicines for livestock, Trail Bag used for holding the western riders, Multi-Pocket with lots of areas, Insulated Nylon Saddle Bag.

What is a Cantle Bag?

The cantle bag is a type of rear western attached saddle bags compared to the western saddle pommel bags . Both attach to the Dee rings and or saddle strings located on the western saddle.

How do you attach Pommel & Western Cantle bags?

Cantle bags normally have grommets on them and attach to the backend of the riders western saddle. Cantle bags attach to the saddle by saddle strings through the bags grommets or simply using the scissor snaps to attach.

Cantle Bags and Pommel Bag Sizes & Use

Front pommel and rear cantle bags come from many manufacturers and in many sizes . Tack Warehouse carries western gear bags including the type of gear bags that slip over the western saddles horn. Saddle bags are a functional trail ride accessory . Saddle bags all attach to different places on the saddle from the rear of the saddle for a trail ride. Choose from a simple Water Bottle holder, Cashel brand of Easy Care Stowaway Pommel bags or another one we like at Tack Warehouse is the Weaver Brand Rectangular Shaped Nylon Cantle Bag. Saddle bags come in different sizes: small, medium, large, lightweight saddle all your needs even lunch and necessities from Napkins ,t cooling rags, classic leather saddle or a combination of front and rear saddle bags for those riders hitting the trail on a long backcountry horseback trip.

Other Types of Western Horse Gear Bags - Saddle Cases - Boot Bags - Feed Bags

Tack Warehouse has a large selection of hay bags for your horses feed, gear bags for tack and equipment, boot bags to protect your cowboy boots, saddle bags to use out on trail rides, and saddle cases to protect your western saddle. Rest assured when you buy from Tack Warehouse it is quality tack. Remember if we won't use it on our horse, we do not sell it.

Riders will find the great prices and selection of western horse saddle bags and brands from Tack Warehouse.

From All of Us At Tack Warehouse, Happy Trails!

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