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Fitted All Purpose Jumping Pads

All Purpose & Jumping Saddle Pads

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If you have a horse with a sensitive back, or a horse that has had laminitis in the past, then an all-purpose pad is probably the best option for you. This type of pad is also great for horses that tend to sweat or get sore easily, because they are not as thick as some other pads and allow air to circulate. They are designed to be used on flat saddles and are usually made out of felt or wool felt.

All-purpose and Jumping saddle pads are the hidden heroes in the tack room. They don't get nearly enough credit for all they do—not only protecting your saddle and keeping it in place, but also keeping you comfortable and warm as you ride. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

All Purpose Pad has everything you need: leg straps, a tail flap, and even a pocket to store things like treats or grooming supplies! It's perfect for any rider who wants an easy-to-use, stylish pad that still has all the safety features of an official show pad.

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