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Standing Martingales

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A standing martingale is a piece of tack that fits on the horse's head. There are two straps that hold up the headpiece, which then attaches to the reins. When you pull back on the reins, this piece of tack will lower the horse's head and prevent it from raising its nose too high.
A standing martingale is not an effective corrective device if your horse has a tendency to rear or raise its head in order to avoid going forward. It is also not useful if your horse rears in response to pain, such as when it has sore feet.

When using a standing martingale, make sure it's positioned properly and does not interfere with your horse's breathing or movement. You should also be careful not to put too much pressure on the reins when using a martingale so that your horse does not become confused about what you are asking for with your hands/reins.

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