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Show Gloves

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English Gloves For Horseshows Riders: Dressage Riders, Hunter Rider Gloves, Eventing Rider Gloves

Horse show gloves

Horse show gloves are an essential part of a rider's outfit when showing a well fitted pair of show gloves give the rider a elegant look on their horse and they're also functional and required in some styles of horse show classes for example riders showing hunt seat equitation would wear a nice pair of leather or leather synthetic well fitted black leather gloves show gloves come in many colors and types of materials depending on which classes you are showing in would determine what is the appropriate type to purchase we always recommend that riders have a pair of show gloves that they only use for horse showing to keep them clean and neat and finish off their appearance in the arena.

Gloves Made For Showing

When it comes to showing horses, your hands are a focal point for the judges and Equestrians want to make sure you look your best in the arena. That's why riders always look for the perfect riding gloves or their show discipline. And white leather gloves are perfect for those Dressage riders who want a sophisticated look. All of our gloves are designed to protect your hands while riding, so you can focus on showing your horse to the best of your ability.

Kinds of Show Gloves

Various styles of show gloves are used in English disciplines as compared to Equestrian riders showing in western classes. Cowboy dressage typically for your English hunters and showjumpers riders will wear a pair of black gloves as with everything related to equitation or hunters undersaddle . In all cases the gloves used for showing are expected to be well fitted plain simple whereas in classes related to show jumping the gloves are expected to have more of a function so they might have a silicon inserts in them to give the riders more grip and when showing dressage or show jumping it's not uncommon to see riders in the arena with bling loves so you might see a pair of Navy leather gloves with Navy crystals or black leather gloves with black Dressage riders are going wear typically plain white gloves but we are starting to see crystals nowadays . There are a few different types of riding gloves that are popular among equestrian riders. These include leather riding gloves, mesh riding gloves, and brown leather gloves for carriage drivers. Leather riding gloves are a classic choice for those who want a stylish and sophisticated look and also required for many disciplines while showing. They are also very durable and offer good protection for the riders hands from rubbing and blisters as well as keeping grip on the horse reins. Black is the most common color for show glove.
Mesh riding gloves are a great choice for those who want a light weight and breathable summer riding glove option. They are perfect for riding in hot weather or for working with sweaty hands while riding horses. The mesh show gloves are always a nice option during hot summer days.
Brown leather gloves and brown crochet back riding gloves are a popular choice for carriage drivers. They offer good protection from the elements and look very stylish.

Brands of English Gloves For Showing

There are many different brands of riding gloves available on the market, such as SSG, Roeckl Germany, and RSL riding gloves. These brands offer a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. Different brands of the show gloves come with a Velcro panel on the back that allows the glove to be tightened on the riders hand’s; however we recommend for English Equestrian riders such as hunt seat equitation where the class is being judged on the riders appearance that the rider wear an integrated glove that has elastic inserts to it keeps a glove look clean. Again you need to look at the type of classes you were showing in and which glove is the best fit. At Tack Warehouse we are happy to help riders answer all their questions about gloves and we stock every style of glove from lunging horses up through white leather show gloves used to show upper level dressage horses.

Type and Style of the Perfect Show Glove

When choosing the perfect riding glove for you, it is important to consider the climate you will be riding in as well as the type of riding you will be doing. Riding gloves vary in color, grip, material and function. For example, dressage riders may want a white glove; a different type of riding glove than those who ride in show jumping or eventing. Some of the gloves used for certain events are different than the types of gloves used in English show classes. For example western pleasure riders are typically going to wear a dyed show glove that matches back to their horse show outfit whereas riders showing in driving and carriage classes will typically wear a brown perforated driving glove.
Type Material even the show gloves come with different types of materials so some of the black leather gloves may have insert's of synthetic stretch paneling to make the gloves look tight the right are always wants to look for a glove that is well fitted with the fingers not being too long and the gloves not too baggy this serves 2 purposes one it gives the rider a clean look but additionally you don't want extra room in the glove because that can cause rubbing and blisters. show gloves come in different materials some maybe all other some may be a combination of synthetic and leather.

Sizing and Fit of Show Gloves

Remember the saying “Fits like a glove”? This is an appropriate description of what riders should look for when fitting a show glove. Our Tack Warehouse buyers recommend when writers don't know the size of glove we ask what size shoe they were wear . So a shoesize of 7.5 usually the rider will fit into a size 7 or seven and a half glove some browns come in whole sizes only and other brands come and half sizes. We recommend getting gloves that fit snug to begin as the leather show gloves as well as the synthetic show gloves will stretch over time.

Shop Tack Warehouse For The Perfect Show Glove

No matter what type of riding glove you choose, be sure to get one that fits well so that you can ride comfortably and safely. So don't wait any longer, shop the Tack Warehouse selection of riding gloves today and find the perfect pair for you!

Happy riding!