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Fleeceworks 100% Sheepskin English Saddle Pads

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Natural Wool Sheepskin English Horse Saddle Pad Therapeutic
Fleeceworks Design Philosophy
Fleeceworks English Saddle Pads feature Minimum bulk combined with maximum performance. The materials used are full sheepskin not byproducts or pieced together pads but all in one that you see in lesser quality sheepskin pad. This is important because the pads lays flat, level and even and does not twist or have gapping points where the pads have been sewn together. Fleeceworks pads are minimum and sized each by hand to reduce bulk but still offer the horse maximum performance. The design of the Fleeceworks English and Western fleece saddle pads and cut out options on the Fleeceworks English horse pads make horses more comfortable and the sheepskin saddle pads more protective.

Fleeceworks Sheepskin Design Points and Materials
Each material that is used in our pads are hand selected for even thickness and consistency because so the pads hold up to our standards and the particular job. Genuine all natural sheepskin has long been valued in the medical fields. The 100% natural sheepskin is genuine Australian sheepskin hides that come from older, wool producing sheep. The difference between wool sheepskin and lambskin, is the lambskin hides wool are very thick and tends to be coarse, the Australian sheepskins hides are dense, strong and very soft and this is important as this is the contact between the pad and the horses back. Australian wool allows is then sheared down, the wool down to about 1” length, which is the optimum length to protect against pressure points, deliver an effective thermal balancing layer and yet retain the fit and contact of the saddle on the horses back and the two major benefits of real natural hide sheepskin are its ability to prevent pressure points and to deliver vital thermal balance. Bedridden and wheelchair bound patients depend on it for its ability to prevent pressure points and it works the same on the horses back. Even saddles that have been well fitted for the horses back may cause pressure due to the points of the saddle tree and position of the stirrup bars bearing and riders weight placed over the horses shoulders combined with a horses back that is continually changing due to muscle, weight, time of year and horses age factors. Fleeceworks pads careful construction provides the extra protection in these vulnerable area of the horses back.

Fleeceworks Sheepskin Horse Products
Shop Tack Warehouses Fleeceworks Saddle Pads, Sheepskin Half Pads, and Natural Sheepskin Halter Accessories. We have Fleeceworks Hunter pads including the popular partial full hunter pads, Close Contact Sheepskin Pads, Dressage Pads, and Jumper Pads to shop from including the full sheepskin trim, rolled edges, or plain edge pads. We also stock Fleecework pad accessories like risers, pad shimms and pad inserts