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Stirrup Accessories

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You know how you want to feel like Wonder Woman when you ride, but in reality, it's more like feeling like a kid in your dad's oversized boots? Well, stop pinching your toes and getting lost in the stirrups! There are plenty of great accessories that are designed to keep your feet comfortable and safe, so you can focus on the fun part: riding.

If you're looking for a way to maintain comfort while you ride, consider investing in a pad. A pad supports your foot while offering a rigid surface below, so that you aren't constantly having to adjust yourself if your stirrups aren't quite right. Look for one with non-skid material on the base of the pad; this will prevent the pad from moving around as much during use.

Tread is another great option for maintaining comfort when riding. Tread is simply a long strip of rubber or plastic that fits into your stirrup irons. One end rests on the bottom of the iron; at the other end is another piece of material that secures to the outside of your boot with velcro.

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