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Tech Stirrups English Safety Riding Irons

Tech Stirrups Italy offers superior safety, comfort and of course fabulous looks for their Tech Safety Riding Stirrup we selection range Tech Irons have something for all equestrian riders. Manufactured in Italy, English riders know they are receiving a high quality Equestrian product when you purchase Tech Stirrups from Tack Warehouse. The unique English iron design is glamorous in looks and incredible features are almost essential for riders in all Equestrianriding disciplines.
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TECH Equestrian English Satefy Iron Stirrups


The most widely known safety stirrups with one of the largest collections of safety stirrups, the Venice. The Tech stirrup line is available in a number of models, including children's quick release stirrups. The Tech Venice safety stirrup as well as the rest of the line all carry one key feature, a safety arm on the stirrup which opens to release the riders foot in the unfortunate event of the rider falling and potentially being dragged. The stirrup safety mechanism allows the outer arm to open which releases the foot to help prevent the foot becoming stuck in the stirrup. The arm is made from small magnets, and once released the arm springs back into place and opening only when a certain amount of pressure is applied. This gives the English riding safety stirrups a regular traditional stirrup look, but with the added technical benefit of a revolutionary safety system. The tech stirrups are Lightweight and available in a massive range of color combinations, Tech stirrups not only look brilliant and have safety features but these irons help keep the riders foot and lower leg in a much steadier position at the same time angled foot beds assist the English riders and encourage heels down. The patented foot bed metal grip, helps to avoid the accumulation of mud and water and also to help offer riders superb adherence. The English Tech stirrups are lightweight and available in a massive range of colors, Tech stirrups not only look brilliant they'll also help keep your foot and lower leg in a much steadier position at the same time the angle and shocks help riders in keeping their heels down. The patented grip, helps to avoid the accumulation of mud and water to help offer superb adherence.

Tech Stirrups – Innovative English Equestrian Equipment

Tech Stirrups are Innovative Equestrian Safety Equipment made entirely in Italy. These riding stirrups come in so many styles and colors; riders can explore their discipline riding style along with safety & elegance. Riding in the Tech Stirrup Venice Safety Design quick release stirrup is a riding stirrup with a mechanical system invented by Tech stirrups Italy that helps the English riders foot to get free just by pressing very slightly towards the moving part of the iron in case of need to break free. The release is a magnetic spring loaded bar. After releasing the moving part on the stirrup then goes back to its original position.

Venice Safety Tech Stirrups

Venice Safety Design Stirrups are a mechanical riding system invented by Tech that allows the riders foot to get free just by pressing very slightly towards the moving part in case of need; the moving part then goes back to its original position. The Venice Safety Design English riding stirrup is extremely resistant, ideal for all weather and environmental conditions. With so many color options and styles this stirrup is manufactured with the best metals. These stirrups are also submitted to several stress tests.

Dressage Tech Safety Stirrups

Dressage - Tech Stirrups. These come with or without shock absorbers to protect a riders knees. Wider foot beds give riders the riders support they need. These Tech Dressage stirrups can be used for any riding discipline and come with or without quick release riding iron features. Shop our Tack Warehouse selection to find your perfect match.

Safety Stirrup Tech Classic

The Tech stirrup comes in a classic safety style that is perfect for show jumping and Cross-Country. These come with the option of the quick release. You never know what might happen on your horse and this is a good safty option that can help and you can add to your riding style. Jumping and Cross-Country – Tech Stirrups. So many color choices with these quick release riding irons. Other options are holes in the foot bed to allow water and mud so shed through the stirrup which is great for cross country riders.

Pony Safety Tech Stirrup

Pony quick release are available in Tech Stirrups. It is good to promote ponies to safety approach to the Equestrian riding. Children - The Tech Stirrups are manufactured with high-quality metal and have the widest foot bed to support little riders feet. Check out the Tech selection and see for yourself why these are such a great and popular piece of safety riding equipment .

Tech Safety Stirrups for Equitation Hunter's

Hunting and Hunters; the Tech Stirrups line of safety riding products are made of high-quality metal. These come in all silver with minimal logos so that the stirrups will fit into the Equitation arenas.

Endurance Tech Safety Stirrups

Endurance - Tech Stirrups promote the green approach to the Equestrian and have lightweight stirrups in fabulous stylish colors used by endurance riders.