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English Pelham Horse Bits by Herm Sprenger

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Herm Sprenger Brand of English Equestrian Horse Bits Pelham
Herm Sprenger® is the world leader producing Dressage and Jumping horse bits since 1832 and this includes their selection of Pelham horse bits. The Herm Sprenger pelham horse bit features nicely shaped rings that are tight.
Herm Sprenger Aurigan Pelham Horse Bit
Aurigan the horse bit material developed by Herm Sprenger; HS Sprenger have built on the success and positive features of Aurigan. This bit material is specifically designed for the horse to accept because of pleasant taste and salivation aspects related to the pelham horse bit. The result is to gives the rider an even more delicate and sophisticated connection between the rider and their horses mouth. Herm Sprenger offers a variety of materials for their horse pelham mouthpiece bits including rubber snaffle bits that are also available in stainless pelham snaffle material and Aurigan and Sensogan type copper loose ring snaffle a material to encourage salivation and bit acceptance by the horse. The Flex Control Pelham Bit from Herm Sprenger is a best seller and is made of Aurigan metal again this offers a sweet taste to horse combined with the horse bits unique mouthpiece encourages the English horse to accept the bit and respond.
Herm Sprenger English Horse Pelham Bit Collection
Herm Sprenger collection of Equestrian English horse bits range from: KK And Mullen Mouth Bits • Turnado Horse Bits • Loose Ring Snaffles in Stainless Steel • Bradoons that are Single Jointed • D-Ring Snaffles English Horse Jumping Pelham Bits • Max-Control Bits • Aurigan Loose Ring Dressage Snaffle • KK Ultra Bits • WH Ultra Pelham Bits • Dynamic RS Horse Bits Bradoons that are Double Jointed • Weymouth Bits • Full Cheek snaffles • Rubber Mouth Pelham Bits Hackamore • Special Bits Including Spoon Mouth Bits • Driving Horse Bits & Novocontact.
About Herm Sprenger English Pelham Horse Bit Structure
Pelham horse bits are English style of horse bit and Herm Sprenger makes pelham bits for ponies to horses to oversize draft horses. The Pelham horse bit is a style of horse bit that is often used for schooling horses as well as general riding. It is a bit used for a more advanced rider that has knowledge about using a curb bit because this bit is generally used with 2 sets of English reins. So the rider must manage riding with double reins. The HS Herm Sprenger English Pelham bit somewhat mimics the action of the bridoon in combination with the Dressage Weymouth curb bit combination used on for a double bridle as well as the double set of reins. The Herm Sprenger horse bit shank exerts a curb bit style pressure on the horse and therefore the pelham bit is referred to as a curb bit. The severity of the pelham bit is based on the mouthpiece of the pelham along with the length of the bit shanks and also the purchase of the bit must be considered . The pelham bit purchase is the length extending from the bits mouthpiece to the part that attaches to the bridle. The longer the purchase the more severe the bit is. Another consideration is the lever arm from the mouthpiece down to the rein. The longer this piece again, the more leverage and severity. The bottom of the pelham bit has a ring for lower rein attachment at the bottom of the shank and the pelham is used with a curb chain or leather curb strap. The pelham like a snaffle bit has a bit ring on either side of the mouthpiece that a rein attaches to so using just this rein makes the bit similar to a snaffle bit in action. The Herm Sprenger a pelham bit usually has loose" shanks that are hinged at the bits mouthpiece in the same way that the rings of a snaffle bit are hinged. When two sets of reins are used with this bit, the rein that attaches to the snaffle is generally is wider and laced for hunters, the lower rein is narrower and plain and connects to the bottom shank.
Herm Sprenger English Pelham Bit Action
The Herm Sprenger pelham works on the horse's head, and leverage depends on which rein is applied. The bits mouthpiece acts when either the snaffle or pelham curb rein is applied and puts pressure on the bars, tongue, and lips of the horse along with the leverage. The curb chain puts pressure under the horses mouth and also the design of the bits mouthpiece can determine the degree of pressure placed on the horse's mouth. Depending on the mouthpiece if it is high port and touches the roof of the mouth has more affect then if the bit mouthpiece of the pelham has a lower or jointed snaffle type mouthpiece. Pressure on the horses poll or top of head occurs when the lower pelham curb rein is engaged with this pressure directly related to the length of the upper shank purchase arm or the bit in relation to the lower shank lever arm of the bit. All pelhams horse bits apply some pressure on the poll. Pressure is applied to the chin groove by the curb chain when the curb rein is used. Direct rein pressure from the snaffle rein may put some pressure on the sides of the horse's mouth, depending on the specific pelham bit design.
Herm Sprenger Pelham Bit Shank
A pelham is a leverage bit and this means the horse bit increases the severity but reduces the extent of movement applied by the rider. Unlike the standard snaffle bit the curb rein attached to the lower pelham ring can amplify the rein pressure depending on the geometry and length of the shank. Pelham shank lengths run from 2 inches to longer shanks, although most pelham bits shanks are less than 4 inches. The relation of the bits purchase arm the length from the mouthpiece to the cheekpiece rings and the "shank" or lever arm the length from the mouthpiece to the lowest rein ring determines the severity of this horse bit. A long lower shank in relation to the upper shank increases the horse bits leverage, and thus the pressure on the horse, on the curb mouthpiece groove and the bars of the horses mouth. A long upper shank in relation to the lower shank increases the pressure on the horses poll, but does not apply as much pressure on the bars of the mouth.
However, the longer shanked pelham bits must rotate back further before applying pressure on the horse's mouth than shorter-shanked bits. Therefore, the horse has more warning in a longer shanked pelham horse bit, allowing the horse to respond before any significant pressure is applied to its mouth. This in compared to a shorter shanked pelham horse bit. So it is often considered that a longer shank can allow better communication between horse and rider, without increasing severity; however, directly dependent on the tightness of the pelham horses curb chain.
About Herm Sprenger Pelham Bit Uses
At horse shows a pelham horse bit may be used in certain horse disciplines but this style of horse bit is prohibited in some classes. The Herm Sprenger pelham bit is common in pony classes, hunt seat equitation, as well as show jumping and used for eventing. Use of this bit is legal, but not common, in English show hunter under saddle classes, and not common in English pleasure horse classes. The Herm Sprenger pelham horse bit is not permitted in dressage classes at any level. The pelham horse bit is never legal for use in any western riding discipline, where either a snaffle bit or a curb bit is used.
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