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Myler Baucher & Weymouth English Dressage Horse Bit

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Baucher English Myler Dressage Horse Bit Weymouth Myler Dressage Horse Bit

Myler Baucher & Weymouth English Horse Bit

The Baucher English Horse Bit also be known as hanging cheek snaffle. The Baucher horse bit is sometimes put on upside down on the bridle by riders in error. The small ring is used to attach the bridle cheeks to and the larger ring for the reins like a snaffle. A Baucher is a snaffle bit but with extending arms that connects to the cheekpieces of the bridle that stabilize the horse bit. This makes the Baucher a bit for horses that do not tolerate bit movement in their mouths. The fixed cheek of the Baucher works similar to any fixed cheek style, giving the mouthpiece more stability and “stillness” than a loose ring, which some horses will find confidence in and prefer the fixed to a loose ring.  The fixed cheeks also sit flat against the head and with the extension above and this helps to prevent the bit from being pulled through or sliding through the mouth.
The Baucher bit does not use leverage like a gag would, and there is any poll pressure it is minimal with the small ring above. The bit rotates as the reins are pulled and the small ring holding the cheeks moves to apply pressure to the head poll of the horse . The horse bit transfers the rein aids  similar in action to an Eggbutt or Loose ring bit or Full cheek bit. All very mild. English horse riders use the Baucher as an easy entry bit like a snaffle. This bit is more as a cross between an Dee Ring horse bit and a Full cheek horse bit as opposed to the common opinion it as a kind of Kimblewick.  There are a lot of horses and ponies that go particularly well in the Baucher bit because they are happy and comfortable in the still set contact. A beginning horse rider will benefit if they do not have stable hands.  So the Baucher has less more poll pressure applied than if using a Full cheek English bit with keepers. English Myler®  Dressage Weymouth bits are a Level 3 bit and offer tongue relief to your horse. It is considered one of the mildest Myler Horse Bits.