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KEP Italia prides itself on design, elegance, and style which speaks to the "Made in Italy" label. At first glance, KEP Italia helmets pull you in, but the glamour of Italian craftmanship isn't the only consideration when purchasing.

Beyond just aesthetics, KEP Italia is dedicated to researching the latest technical materials, using increasingly innovative production processes, and offering top quality products that not only look good but keep you as safe as possible. See the full beauty of KEP Italia's helmets for yourself

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Certification is the only parameter that can guarantee the true protective capacity of a riding helmet because it involves the testing, verification and proof that the helmets comply with unequivocal and certain safety regulations and standards.

KEP Italia is fully dedicated to the subject of safety: before each product enters into production, it is subjected to various tests to verify the durability of all of its components and is approved and marketed only once it has successfully passed every one. And it is not enough to pass the tests just once: the certifying bodies regularly visit the company to verify compliance with standard of quality over time for all production lots, whilst the in-house safety department carries out continuous quality controls in order that every single model reaches the market in perfect condition.

Each country has its technicians and commissioners who hold regular in-depth discussions within the European Technical Committee on safety and to establish the standards with which the helmets sold in each country must comply. The certification requirements vary from one country to another, but they are all usually reviewed every 5 years in order to remain in line with continued technical improvements, as well as with any new international safety regulations that may be issued.
Our helmets are internationally renowned for being amongst the safest in the world. But what makes them so safe?

First of all, to guarantee the capacity of our helmets to protect the rider’s head in the case of a fall, they undergo the safety tests of a total of five international institutions. Our objective has always been to produce the safest helmets in the world, and we are proud to declare that our helmets are the only ones in the world to feature 5 safety certifications.
KEP Italia helmets successfully pass all the required tests to obtain international safety certifications, in first place because they are made with the finest quality materials available on the market.

Laser perforated steel, super-lightweight yet highly durable honeycomb structures, aluminium, carbon fibre, DDQ stainless steel, Kevlar, polycarbonate, high-tech, hypoallergenic and antistatic fabrics…: all super materials that make our helmets even safer and more capable of absorbing hard impact.


We all have heads of different sizes and the design of our KEP Italia helmets guarantees a perfect fit every time.

The shell of the helmet comes in two sizes: one suitable for small and medium-sized heads and one for large heads.

The helmet is adapted to fit perfectly thanks to the internal lining, which fit the rider’s head size. They can be detached from the shell to be washed and can be replaced with the winter lining during the colder months. For children riders, the inner shell can be replaced as the rider grows, without having to replace the whole helmet.

The chin strap is an important element that makes a significant contribution to the high protective capacity of KEP Italia helmets.

Made in soft and durable eco-friendly leather, our chin strap undergoes specific testing to verify its resistance to breaking even when pulled with extreme force in the case of a fall from a horse.
Furthermore, our chin strap has five points of attachment to the shell, ensuring that the helmet doesn’t deviate from position on the head during a fall, continuing to protect the rider right up to impact with the ground and beyond.

Of course, it is essential that the chin strap buckle is secured and that the strap is adjusted to make sure that it is not too loose under the chin


The rear part of the helmet, which very importantly protects the nape of the neck, is longer than on most other helmets. This means that more of the neck is protected and less vulnerable to knocks and fractures in the case of a fall from a horse.

The front part of the helmet also has an important safety feature: a flexible visor. Created from elastic material, the visor ensures that the head does not absorb any direct impact in the case of a fall.
  • Air Circulation

  • Tired of feeling hot and sweaty underneath your helmet? KEP Italia Cromo helmets are made up of three parts: the shell, the front insert, and the rear insert. The front and rear inserts have lateral micro slits that act as air passages. Fresh air enters through the front slits and cools off the head, while body heat flows out through the rear slits.

  • The Cromo helmets are also designed with a unique front grille providing extra airflow that can be managed using a lever that moves up and down to accommodate your preference. Steel mesh underneath the grille's structure ensures that the helmet's safety is not compromised.

    Comfort From the Inside Out

  • The internal lining of KEP helmets enhances both breathability and moisture-wicking properties. KEP Italia liners are made out of Coolmax technical material combined with open-cell filters and super-soft microfiber material. The removable antiperspirant lining can be washed and replaced.

    • cap
    • finish: MATTE
    • colors: BLACK
    • material: ABS
    • visor
    • finish: MATTE
    • colors: BLACK
    • material: NYLON
    • grid
    • finish: MATTE
    • colors: BLACK
    • material: ABS
    • grid frame
    • finish: MATTE
    • colors: BLACK
    • material: ABS
    • strap
    • colors: BLACK
    • material: soft ECO-LEATHER hypoallergenic, washable, waterproof.
      Fitted with nickel rivets with no direct contact with the skin.
    • frontal nets
    • finish: STEEL
    • colors: SILVER
    • material: STAINLESS STEEL

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